MS Gives Devs Option to Remove Private Chat from Upcoming Titles

Do you like to use the party chat option on your Xbox 360? Well, if you do, you may soon find yourself being forced out of using that option. Microsoft appears to be offering developers the option to negate the private chat option the Xbox 360 offers. Currently, players have the option of forming a private chat with players, but that will soon change.

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kaveti66163275d ago

Read the title, read the article, and then see if it matches up. MS is not "forcefully" removing the feature. It is allowing developers the choice of removing the feature from their game based on how they want their multiplayer to be experienced. So what MS is doing is giving developers more freedom.

Unfortunately, the examiner just posted the title for hits.

Saaking3275d ago

Damage control already? Why would MS take these feature (one of the FEW things XBL has over PSN) away? If devs have the choice to do less work they'll take it.

Myst3275d ago

I agree with kaveti6616 the actual context of the paragraph provided and the article itself does not equal what the title portrays or rather tries to. Microsoft isn't forcibly removing it, they are allowing developers the opportunity whether to do so or not. It's pretty much the same as to how Sony gives developers the option whether or not to include music streaming.

kaveti66163275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

No, Saaking. Microsoft is allowing developers to decide whether or not they want players who play the multiplayer feature to be able to communicate certain kinds of information to each other in certain multiplayer modes. For example, if you're playing a standard 5 on 5 deathmatch and you get killed, if you're in a private chat, you can tell your teammates exactly where the enemy is, what weapon he killed you with, etc. Maybe the developer wants to make that mode more challenging by not allowing teammates that level of communication ability. Microsoft is allowing developers that choice.

And your claim that developers will suddenly remove private chat from their games because they don't have to do it is moot. You have no idea what developers think. Sony never had a rule that said PS3 games HAD to run at certain resolutions, but nevertheless developers strive for more. You assume the developers are lazy and only do what they HAVE to? How cynical can you be?

On a side note, I'm only formally explaining this to you so that other people on this site who aren't biased will understand what Microsoft is doing. I am already fully aware that you're a fanboy retard with no life who does nothing but bash Microsoft every other post.

pixelsword3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Giving the designer more options without forcing one or another thing to enhance gameplay is what Microsoft is doing... versus requiring something in a unilateral way that could hurt gameplay.

Because of the title, this article is near Lame if not outright Fake; this is definitely a "question mark" title if I ever saw one.

3275d ago
El_Colombiano3275d ago

Microsoft is just jealous of Demon's Souls online where no vocals adds to the atmosphere.

Sarcasm3275d ago

They are making so it's not 'mandatory'

Maybe they feel it's hindering some game development.

ReservoirDog3163275d ago

If I'm understanding right, that's actually a good idea. I always here people saying that it ruins games because you could just tell your team where people are when you die.

So taking it out, or the ability to take it out, is actually a good idea.

Parapraxis3275d ago

This is actually a very good idea.
Wouldn't be surprised if MW2 was the first game to have party chat disabled.

Blaze9293275d ago

theres a difference between party chat and private chat. Private chat is 1 on 1 chat that has been availible since day 1 and isn't going anywhere and can still be used while playing any game, even MW2. PARTY CHAT is what is now in the hands of developers.


FFS it even SAYS "Party Chat option not available." In the article's screenshot box. Who the hell wrote/submitted this crap?

GRRiMREEAPeR3275d ago

This article has a 'fox news' level spin on it smh. mw2 IS the first game to implement it, infact i wouldn't be surprised if it was their idea in the first place. private chat can ruin certain game modes (ie SnD) in COD so by making this an optional feature micro and IW are enhancing the game in a very big way. Think before u comment please.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I hope Sony's cross-game chat isn't like their custom soundtracks where it's up to the developers! Almost NO game on PS3 support custom sound tracks! Since the music isn't directly through the XMB like custom sound tracks are on 360, you can't listen to it while playing a demo or an older PS3 game. I know the reason why PS3 custom soundtracks are up to developers is because M$ has a patent but M$ does NOT have a patent for cross-game voice chat so hopefully it'll be universal across all games, demos, videos and the web browser.

In regards to 360's Party Chat and this article, I would actually like certain game modes to have Party Chat blocked. I love cross-game Party Chat but I have to admit, I get pissed when I join a Nazi Zombies game and the 3 other players are each in their own separate Party Chat so there's no communication and team work between any of us. It happens pretty often and it goes like this:

Player 1 is in PC with his friends
Player 2 is in a different PC than Player 1
Player 3 is in different PC than Player 1 and 2
And I'm in Game Chat talking to myself

So, all four players aren't talking to each other, so there's to team work, so we only make it to like round 20 >.<

PimpHandHappy3275d ago

is right

private chat/cross game chat is being used for cheats and i like that MS is doing this...

i dont own a 360 and never will but im guessing this private chat is also what is used in cross game chat

2many cheats online to start with... so its good if this will limit the amount of cheating a few ppl teamed up can do

Ausbo3275d ago

the examiner and everyone who work for it are jokes.

All i ever see from this site is flamebait, misleading and/or false titles.

Redempteur3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

what's with that escuse ?

Sorry First if you are killed by someone in a fps ...

-Your allies will see you disappear on the map ( giving an idea or the ennemy location )
-There is voice chat already ..
- Will you spend ALL YOUR TIME typing and your allies waste precious seconds reading this ... while an ennemy might come and kill you ?

That's sad really ...

The Lazy One3275d ago

The private chat and party chat are both dashboard features. They run outside the game on M$ things. All the developer should have to do is throw in a single global variable saying whether or not chat should be allowed.

DelbertGrady3275d ago

Can someone please tell me what's the difference between private chat and a party chat with 2 persons?

And that's why they are giving developers the option to remove private chat. It's superflous as party chat holds the same function.

Lightsaber3275d ago

This is completely fake. They have no proof other then random pic. They prove no source for this pic so it was probably done in photoshop. Also MS REQUIRES devs to add private chat to all games.

3274d ago
corneliuscrust3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

360 related article?

that's some SAAAAD trolling right there, little man. You don't even change how you type it. Just copy pasta this "exciting news" to spam everywhere you can.

We KNOW that GT5 is a better looking, more polished racer than forza. Anyone with eyes knows that.

But what's this article about? Forza? GT5? PS3? NO.. take your flamebait to the open zone. I encourage everyone to report this sort of behaviour. Mnichols, that's jusst plain pathetic

dib8rman3274d ago

It's simple, whats good for developers doesn't mean it's good for the customer.

Downloadable and pay per play and expansions are good for the developers, but spending $200 on something you don't own and have no way of showing it's value or interest, it's a trap for the customer.

Get it strait man, your being used. How can someone argue that taking away the option is a good thing?

What if developers in turn decide to make it part of some content pack, or even worse part of a monthly "bonus experience" fee... If you think it's impossible... believe it or not, years ago we used to think pay to play games wouldn't be big. We as in gamers.

Gamers don't make games with episodic content, and downloadable content and absurd ammounts of expansion packs, monthly fees and so on. Gamers used to make games for gamers, at some point the industry lost touch with that. We wouldn't have so many people going around drilling lies into our eyes if they still had the talent they used to.


Alcon Caper3274d ago

get off your high horse. it's completely an option FOR the gamer.

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will force players to decide whether or not they’ll play the game and join the game chat, or choose to stay in a private chat and not play in the multiplayer game."

Get it? They are forced to DECIDE. MS isn't forcing anything, they're giving devs the option of giving players the option of choosing a party-chat-allowed game or a party-chat-free game.

Your /rant has nothing to do with the article and your attack on devs for not choosing what's best for the gamer is completely unrelated to the article. By generalizing abuse to freedoms that a company gives to its developers is short sided and biased.

This is GOOD because it gives us gamers more options. I just don't understand some people.

dib8rman3270d ago

That's directed at the original post nothing to do with the article.

I mean if you read my comment line it said @OP

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Stryfeno23275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Apparently you can't read.

EDIT: Microsoft appears to be OFFERING developers the OPTION to negate the private chat option the Xbox 360 offers.

But the Title contradict that passage.

No FanS Land3275d ago

This guy only knows comfort. He bashes Xbox over and over because he thinks he's in security since this website has more sony followers.


Saaking3275d ago

More Sony "followers"? hahaha, don't make me laugh. There's an equal amount of bots.

cyborg69713275d ago

What astonished me about xbox fans are the ability to take multiple d!cks from ms and still keep they're sh!t in. You would think that they're entrails would be tripping them up on the way to get the next sub-hd halo for the new gen not next gen 360.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33275d ago

For a service that prides itself on user support this is kind of a dumb move; why not just stop players playing the same game from using in-game chat instead of punishing people who are playing something totally different and just want to chat?

No FanS Land3275d ago

I don't believe this SH*T!!!! Equal amount? ARE YOU JOKING ME??? Reading a good amount of news and some comments I almost only PS fanboy comments. There's like 3 times the PS fanboys than 360 fanboys.

Need I remind you the Gears of war 2 fiasco where Ps fanboys created accounts to announce the spoilers of the game?

2 years ago, you would have been right to say there were more Xbox fanboys, or even equal for that matter. but not today

kevinx10003274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

2 fail comments saaking. try harder.

"Last Playing Halo 3

Offline for 19 Hrs"

YES droids, that's from your beloved saaking.
probably still gonna disagree though. look up his GT: Hellswrath2231

if this would be true, what about party chat? you can stll use that if you want a private conversation.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3274d ago

An equal amount of bots. You for real? Your comment saying MS fails has nearly 3 times as many people agreeing with it than disagreeing. Do you actually read these articles? or do you just post xbox hate on any 360 related article. You dont like 360, we get it, you dont have to continually spout crap though

kevinx10003274d ago

that's not all.
he PRETENDS he doesn't like. he plays on it daily himself.

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Menchi3275d ago

I think it'd more of a downside than anything. It should be up to the player whom they wish to speak with.

I am Legend3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )


What is this world coming to ?


I did.

StanLee3275d ago


Lightsaber3275d ago

if this is true I'd never buy a game that disabled private chat

Tjtroublemaker3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

i dont know whether to think this is good or bad, while sometimes i do like to have a private conversation with my friends, not having to worry about some dusch interrupting and having to mute everyone, i also sometimes feel alone when im playing a 4v4 game in Halo3 and find myself trying to save a teammate by saying someone is behind him but realize im talking to myself. Dont know how this is gonna work out...i guess you can make everyone happy all the time.

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Blaster_Master3275d ago

Im not paying for live if they take this feature out while im playing COD6.

drewboy7043275d ago

If they made a petition id definetly sign. Maybe with we can get half the nearly 2 million people who preordered the game for the 360 they'll disable the feature. If not. F**k Activision and Infinity ward. What r they trying to do help Sony sell more copies since Live's bigthing is party chat and without that were r my $4 a month going.

BX813275d ago

If it's taken away in MW2 I think it should be taken out for certain game play types not all. I can see S&D being one of them.