Famitsu hardware sales (10/19 - 10/25)

Famitsu's latest hardware numbers have been released a bit later than usual this week. See how Famitsu's figures compare to Media Create data.

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Time Lord3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

PS3 pulling away from the wii this week which is good! (IMO)

Johnny Rotten3274d ago

the battle of the DVD:

Xbox 360 – 2,800
PS2 – 2,600

Parapraxis3274d ago

That's not a battle, 360 destroyed the PS2 in sales this week!

Saaking3274d ago

Wow, the PS3 is still ahead by a lot. Looks like the wii is really fading out now. The 360 is just sad right now, barely beating the PS2.

VINNIEPAZ3274d ago

The 360 isn't sad, the crowd that dosent by it is....

callahan093274d ago

Odd how different Famitsu's 360 figures are versus Media Creates. It's almost a 50% difference. All the other consoles are tracked much closer to Media Creates numbers. Anyway, why do Famitsu and Media Create always come up with different numbers? Seems odd. Which one is considered more accurate, if either?

Saaking3274d ago

Media crate is more reliable.

Sarcasm3274d ago

I wonder why Famitsu's PS3 numbers are always so low.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3274d ago

I remember how when 360 had a one week sales spike in Japan after Square Enix's released The Last Remnant, M$ sent out a bunch of press releases bragging about 360 sales in Japan and claiming they won Japan! HAHA! That was the last time we heard M$ brag about Japan sales...

mint royale3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

The wii is fading? Really? I guess still being worldwide number 1 whilst 'fading' just showed how dominant it was then!

Anyway on topic, Sony have really boosted sales of the ps3 permenantley in Japan. Well done to them it is genuinely impressive :)

gaffyh3274d ago

I prefer media create because Sony and Nintendo use it for their figures for Japanese sales.

cmrbe3274d ago

the point is the wii is not selling as much as it use to. I.e seems like it's fading. Not dead by any means.

IrishRepublicanArmy3274d ago

ioi has wii numbers abovee ps3 for the last 2 weeks lmfao.
he is cutting about 5000 ps3 in japan each week. this is a joke

mint royale3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )


I totally get the point I just think it is a bit disrespectful seeing as the wii is still up there selling well. And really it hasn't faded in Japan at all it has sold at this rate for a year or so. Now the ps3 has improved sales people seemed to be noticing the wii now though.


Actually the only week ioi has had the wii infront of the ps3 was last week if you actually bother to check without making silly statements!

Last week he did cut 5,000 off the ps3 though but he also did it to the wii. Thats the only week I can find that happening though.

badz1493274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

guess what, it's pp! that guy is still trying to spread BS, this time at nintendoeverything! I found that hillarious!

and for those who asked, famitsu get their numbers from VGChartz if I'm not mistaken.

ultimolu3274d ago

Microsoft might as well give up Japan. That's embarrassing.

Lifendz3274d ago

Wow....I know MS has more money than anyone but is it worth staying in Japan when you're barely outselling Sony's last-gen console?

sikbeta3273d ago

"the battle of the DVD:

Xbox 360 – 2,800
PS2 – 2,600"

lol so hard, thanks man you made my entire week

If you want lol even more, read the fist comment

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Valay3274d ago

Famitsu's data was actually quite different than Media Create. Pretty much all of the figures were off (DS Lite was underestimated by about two times Media Create's data), although the Wii number was on target.

Gabe EatsWell3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

PS3 – 31,000
Xbox 360 – 2,800
PS2 – 2,600


chrisulloa3274d ago

Yes, Japan sales = Overall Sales.

Saaking3274d ago

No, but combined with US and European sales, PS3 is destroying the 360. You= fail.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3274d ago

Rest In P!SS!!! ;-D (As good old King Kaz used to say on this!!!) ;)

31,000 PS3's... ;-P

ultimolu3274d ago

Hey chris.

360 Sales in the U.S= the world

You bots are pathetic.

chrisulloa3274d ago

Lol okay Saaking #2, looks like you're an avid 360 player as well.

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Saaking3274d ago

Nothing new here people

PS3 (the TRUE high definition gaming console) at Number 1

and the failbox battling it out with last gen PS2.

patterson3274d ago

aww the PC port box not doing so well... not surprised.

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