Hi-Score Top Ten Cinematics with a Twist

Well, it's that time again. Here we are, ten writers, ten opinions and ten great games. If you haven't been with us for the last two editions of Top Ten with a twist, for shame. But you're here now and we'll let you off. The premise is simple, many gaming sites across the internet regularly publish Top Tens, usually written by one person. We have changed things up a bit at Hi-Score and we regularly ask many writers to get together, give them a subject (try to avoid doubles) and bring you ten opinions from ten great people. They are in no particular order, we just write to entertain.

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Darkfocus3273d ago

Shenmue was awesome and its to bad I never bought it for dreamcast while it was still alive.

On a side note there are way too many top ten list on n4g. I think we get like 5 a week. 8|

Yast3r3273d ago

Dungeon Keeper ftmfw.

D813273d ago

Oh someone just had to pick *that* scene in FF7, didn't they? ;-)

strybe3273d ago

Haha, In regards to FF7, there's always one :)

PurpleSteve3273d ago

I did not pick the Aeris Scene, thank you. I went for the bike scene, one of the first cut scenes that blew me away. Aeris dying? I can hardly remember that scene. FF7 was, and still is, one of the best games I have ever played. :)

raiden_933273d ago

Very glad Shenmue 2 got a mention. I personally would have picked the scene where Yuan meets her demise but hey, almost every scene from Shenmue 2 is solid gold!

foxtheory3273d ago

any cutscene of Act 5 in MGS4, or any cutscene from Uncharted 2.

Great list nonetheless. Good to see Shenmue 2 up there. Same with Bioshock.

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