Capcom expects Lost Planet 2 to sell 3.7 million units in second half of fiscal year

However, the company expects one game to be its biggest blockbuster by a fairly enormous sales margin: Lost Planet 2, which, according to the report, will sell 3.7 million copies in the second half of FY 2010.

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redsquad3272d ago

3.7 million certainly seems 'do-able' for the game - I just won't be one of 'em as I wasn't impressed with the demo at all.

raztad3272d ago

The demo was terribly underwhelming. Game doesnt look very hot and the action feels weak.

slave2Dcontroller3272d ago

by 1.5 Million. The only way they could probably pull this off is by releasing it away from big name Ip's.

2paclives3272d ago

Not happening....1st one was, well...underwhelming...this one is not really on anyone's radar.