Burn 360 Quick Review: Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age Origins could be the first game in awhile that is living up to the unrealistic expectations that the video game industry hype machine creates. What was expected and what was actually unfolding, was actually near parity for once. Dragon Age Origins is an RPG mashup of sorts. With elements from many previous creations from Bioware, they picked the best elements from their stellar catalog of titles. A little dash of Mass Effect, plus a pinch of Kotor, and a cup of Baldurs Gate, plus a little story stealage (not a word) from the LOTR and you get Dragon Age Origins. ...

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MasterBlaster3274d ago

I haven't seen a score under 9 yet. People wake up! Don't miss a great game.

3sq3274d ago

Nah, it looks like most MMO RPG out there which there are tons of 'em.

Sev3274d ago

You haven't seen many scores because reviews for the game is still under embargo until tomorrow.

This review should not have been published. Obviously the author/editor, doesn't care about the PR team's request. That's not how you handle a review, and I wouldn't be surprised if this site never got an EA game for review again.

MasterBlaster3274d ago

If it's still under embargo then why did Game Informer release their review nearly a month ago?

RockmanII73274d ago

I would buy it, but I don't like paying $60 for a game.

ps3ftwin3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

pc version 49usd.

mouse and keyboard are just a needed for this type of game.

i really dont get why ppl pay 60usd for games its too much.

Feral Gamer3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Well my PC doesn't meet the recommended system requirements so I'll end up getting the PS3 version. I never buy games if I only meet the minimum requirements.

I only have a Core Duo, forgot the model but it's the 2.6Gz one, 2gb RAM, and a 512mb 8800GT, not the GTX. Plus I don't have 20GB free

ps3ftwin3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

how old is your pc?

mines 2 years old.. has 9800gtx on it plays all current games @1080p 60fps+

edit: 8800gt is still superior to whatever the ps3 will be doing.

anyways for my part.. i got my 9800gtx 1yr back, cost me like 170usd.. i am sure it must be below 100usd now.

now i save 10-25usd on every game i buy.. superior experience and cheaper prices.

though yea my ps3 is used for its exclusives.

anyways the game should be good on the ps3 too.. though i'd really want mouse keyboard for this.

TheIneffableBob3274d ago

Feral Gamer, that is more than enough to play this game. Hell, it's enough to play Crysis.

Tewi-Inaba3274d ago

where do people get the idea you need a $1000 pc to play PC games lol.

RadientFlux3274d ago

Personally I'm going with X360 version, so I can lend it to a friend after I finish the game.

I would consider buying it for the PC but after spending 8 to 10 hours a day, working on my PC. I really don't like gaming on it.

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toaster3274d ago

"A little dash of Mass Effect, plus a pinch of Kotor, and a cup of Baldurs Gate, plus a little story stealage (not a word) from the LOTR"

That's like the perfect storm of RPG's. Coming from Bioware I have little doubt that it'll be nothing less than superb.

Blaster_Master3274d ago

Thats what they said about Sonic on the DS. Im looking forward to this game, still dont know if Im gonna get it on the ps3 or 360? @ Feral Gamer, you dont even have 20 gigs of memory left on your comp? Sounds like its time to give up on pc gaming, or upgrade your gfx card. BTW, I thought this played alot like summoner for the ps2. Day one purchase.

toaster3274d ago

I'm getting it for PC.
Although this game isn't a graphical powerhouse it'll have more value to me because of (hopefully) free DLC like what Bioware did with Mass Effect and the Bring Down the Sky DLC. And I'm a modder so the mod toolset will keep me occupied beyond just the main game.

But if your only choices are 360 or PS3 I would have to say PS3. I don't have one but if I had both consoles I would definitely choose PS3 because I like the controller better than 360. But Bioware has been good about getting controls right for consoles.
Just play Jade Empire or KOTOR to see what I mean.

For me this is definitely a mouse/keyboard game.

Nihilism3274d ago

Bioware game- nuff said.

kraze073274d ago

Damn right about that.

divideby03274d ago

play Demons Souls first..
dont even think about buying this game until you play DS...

RadientFlux3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

While I haven't played Demon Soul's yet, I don't see why you should try DS before Dragon Age.

While I am sure some people will prefer DS over Dragon Age. Dragon Age is looking it will be another highly rated RPG that does enough stuff differently. That a direct comparison between the two titles isn't really possible.

Kind of like comparing a Final Fantasy 7 with Balder's Gate. It's all about your preferences.

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