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AATG writes:

"I have this theory that Fitness and Brain Training games have evolved from a peculiarity of social interaction, a psychological need to impress others partly fuelled by the need to get laid as often as possible in our relatively short lifespans. In order to achieve both of these seemingly insurmountable goals, we must make ourselves as unique and attractive as possible.

Sure, I'm no prize but I like the fact that I can run for a bus without dying of heart failure, or stand on my hands and walk around the room to impress my toddling daughter. No mean feat for an old codger. But if there's one thing I can't stand, it's being nagged - particularly when the nagger is a large chunk of plastic backed up by a slightly smaller chunk of plastic which you fit inside a medium-sized chunk of plastic, hoping that the triumvirate of plastic will turn you into an Adonis."

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