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ConnectedConsoles: When we were at the Eurogamer Expo in London we did find that a few games had made a surprise appearance including one of the most hyped FPS games of this year that's set for release in 2010, EA's Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Which fortunately, we were one of the first people to get hands-on with the game in the UK. We played in the games multiplayer mode against a few other people around the corner in the expo and it was a brilliant experience.

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Optical_Matrix3325d ago

I was also there and got to experience this amazing game (It was the 360 build only and unfortunately no footage was allowed to be taken :( )
after about 40 minutes of waiting for stupid kids to stop d!cking around on it. I honestly think this blows Call of Duty out of the water. Forget sales, this game pwns Modern Warfare hard.
Feels a little bit like Killzone 2, which is good as it's war like experience is emmersive.

lindquist3325d ago

Didnt remind me a second about kz2

3325d ago
Solans Scott3324d ago

Absolutely loved the first game. It was the best online experience I have had playing a shooter and I will definitely secure one of the limited editions of the game on launch day.

pieeater1003324d ago

It is releasing on my birthday