Heavy Rain dev reveals the "most shocking experience" of his life

TVGB: "Writer/Director David Cage has revealed how distressing scenes he witnessed during the development of Heavy Rain played an important role in the game's creation. While searching for locations, Cage was exposed to poverty and degradation that left him deeply shocked, yet inspired him to create authentic environments and characters."

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kratos1233271d ago

just wow the usa is almost like a third world country after reading this

Nihilism3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

A young girl dies in a poor home...yet the majority of Americans don't want to give these people the health care they need...

Correction to the above's like a third world country for the lower class, but the people against national health care are doing just fine.

P.S every other capitalist first world country has national health care, that socialism claim is B.S, it's just a cop out to avoid taking any responsibility for the poor working and living conditions that the upper class have put upon them. "here is your $5 an hour, *cracks the whip*, NOW GET BACK TO WORK!"

Arnon3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Please don't say those sort of things... it can be really hurtful to some. America is mostly well controlled. This article refers to the lower, extremely poor class and areas of America. Every country has them.

"We wanted to see the worst part of America."

uie4rhig3271d ago

these days its all about money, no money means you dont have a life.. simple as that.. the difference between the third world and the first world countries just proves this.. hell .. for phrases such as "third world" and "first world" to even exist proves this..

Godmars2903271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

That's the funny thing: they aren't.

The dwindling middle class is most effected by the current state of healthcare. They're the ones being reduced to less than poverty because they or a loved one needs it to live, yet services are being cut back while prices and premiums continue to go through the roof. Outpacing inflation even.

Ju3271d ago

"Every country has them" Americans really believe that. No, most first world countries don't. You should sometimes try to see beyond some boundaries. Its really shocking from time to time.

Nihilism3271d ago

you are absolutely correct, you would never see anything like that in the U.K, germany, aus, france, canada...

There are thousands of abandoned houses from the U.S financial crisis....i mean iraq debt.

Elvfam5113271d ago

saracastic dchalfont I willing to bet they're are in the Countries you mention

Arnon3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

What do you mean "Americans really believe that"? Are you telling me everyone in a first world country is wealthy and able to support their family with absolutely no problems whatsoever?

Every country has horribly bad places. If anyone is so ignorant to believe otherwise, then... my god, I don't even know what to say to that sort of thing. England has a damn class society even MORE SO than America with extremely poor areas.

I take it there's no crime either in other 1st world countries, according to your statements?

Good job, Ju. You win the ignorant comment of the day.

Ju3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I tell you what, if we would have a situation like in Philadelphia in the country I am from, that would be a national tragedy. Believe it or not. Don't call me ignorant, but some people are.

BTW: There is a difference between poor people (every society has them) and poverty.

97gsx3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

The poor get plenty of help in america. There is medicare, food stamps,assisted housing, and unemployment that goes on and on. The problem in this case would be the actual people not the government. My father came here with nothing and worked his way up to being a fairly wealthy person. Most immigrants have no problem working and saving. This is darwin's theory of survival of the fittest.

Darkstorn3271d ago

The United States has been polarized for far too long, and those who are against healthcare for the people who need it are being extremely selfish and individualistic. Some people need more help than others, and one of the largest things that separate humans from the rest of the animal kingdom is our empathy.
Heavy Rain looks awesome, and it's good to see some developers incorporate real sociopolitical themes into games.

drdistracto7073271d ago

I am ALL for Obama's health plan, universal health care is a MUST!

btw, ju

you're the one being ignorant, there are places like these ALL OVER the world. If you're too blind to see that, then you have no business talking about it at all.

barom3271d ago

You should try to go outside America before you say something like that.

Yes there exists poor people in every country but they do not have people shooting each other every day, in fact it's quite an anomaly when it does happen. US is probably the only country that allows weapons for pretty much any individual.

Also having families live in houses ready to collapse is quite an a unique case in other first world countries as well. Sure they have old buildings but nothing that might kill anyone living in it. Abandoned factories, bridges etc does not really exist that much either, they're either demolished or repaired for use.

Honestly dude, just think about it for a second. Why the hell is David Cage shocked about this in the first place?

drdistracto7073271d ago

I've lived in 4 countries (living in AUS atm) and been to every continent other than Antarctica, I know what I'm talking about

SuperM3271d ago

Well i know you wouldnt see anything like this where i live. You find poverty everywhere but not like this. The US is probably the most troubled first world country in the world, though half the people dont know about it. They are to busy gobling up the "America is the greatest country in the world" bullsh1t. no pun intended.

sikbeta3271d ago

lol at the disagrees from people that don't want to read a different opinion about something is concerning to all, America is not a third world country, that's why the problem is worst

Ju3271d ago


...and you have seen these places in Philadelphia, yes ?

I have to say it so drastically, because there are no "if"s and "but"s. A country which claims world leadership should be able to solve those kind of problems. That's all what I am suggesting. I am not talking about everyday poor people. They exist everywhere (and still more in the US then anywhere else). It is those extremes, which you cannot find in any other first world country and the news usually try to stay away from.

Hideo_Kojima3271d ago

Just because this is only talking about the poor people in your country it doesn't mean it isn't raelly a problem because there are other rich people.

If you think like that you could also say that countries like South Africa are doing fine because they have rich people in their country while people die of starvation.

I find it discusting that a country with so much power can not provide free health support (at list to these few poor people) and could just let them die.

I really hope this issue changes over there guys.

uie4rhig3271d ago

you must remember that 2pac did have a tough life when he was little (or so he says) however, you must also now that half of 2pac's music has motivated people that live a tough life to get up, and be a man/woman and actually better their lives .. 2pac was anything but the reason why thug life existed.. if anything, he was the reason people were made aware of such life..

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Myst3271d ago

Man that's hard...A few images of Guatemala come to mind, at least in the sense of kids living in the garbage piles searching for food and all that. Sad that to quite a lot of people this is life and this is what they will come to expect everyday.

LeonSKennedy4Life3271d ago


My friend just came back from Guatemala. The tribal wars over there are insane! He, his wife, and his driver were held at gunpoint when they arrived there. Since the driver was of a rival tribe, they shot him. My friend and his wife were let go because the villagers told them they were just Americans.

It's terrible over there!

zack613271d ago

WOW that is shocking.

XxBarretxX3271d ago

now i really want to play this game to experience the emotions that this game will make you feel

Elvfam5113271d ago

I see this in the subway stations in Ny sometimes with bums and people with tattoos that look beyond depress and with emotional problems

never knew a dev would ever do this

Much respect