Gran Turismo 5 track editor confirmed at DigiExpo

Straight from the DigiExpo who have the latest code of GT5, the confirmation of track editing in GT5 is at 2:25 when it is said "you can make your own tracks". Language barrier heads-up.

and to prove the translation isnt fake:


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OO75237d ago

Aston Martin for a Spin on GT5

QuizPyro5237d ago

talking about spin where in the world are those god forsaken bots?

Saaking5237d ago

GT5 just making Flopza look more and more last gen by the day

Crazyglues5237d ago

Seriously, they are doing everything you could possible want, and it's going to be Awesome... wow Can't wait...


PirateThom5237d ago

If true, that's quite a definitive feature.

WildArmed5237d ago (Edited 5237d ago )

lol.. but no way to confirm it unless some1 legitly translates this vid -.-

thanks for the translated article!
Man thats awesome! GT5 ftw.

BadboyCivic3605237d ago

If its true, then this will be the only Racer/Sim i will ever need this gen...i sure would create the craziest tracks ever seen in gaming...

Sunny_D5237d ago

This really is, it changes the gameplay alot! Painting just changes the looks, but nothing alters the gameplay. With a track editor, Boom! New track all the time!

Tinted Eyes5237d ago

Something you can only get in the King of Racing Sims.

WildArmed5237d ago

Modnation racer version of GT

Raf1k15237d ago

I wonder if it would create the racing line for you.

hay5237d ago

Whoa, if true the game will not be only definitive but ultimate driving sim.

Killjoy30005237d ago

I don't think people realize just what this means for GT5. It single handedly puts GT5 head and shoulders above the competition. I cannot believe the effort PD has put into this game. And people hate on GT5 because of the long development cycle lol please.

thedisagreefairy5237d ago

about this feature when there was a gt5 vs forza 3 thread

and a bunch of 360 fans kept trashing me saying i was stupid and making stuff up

i guess i got the last laugh...

Saaking5237d ago

Much better than custom painting.

bnaked5237d ago

I've read on gtplanet earlier this year, that there will be a track editor, there you can use parts of the existing tracks and then you can combine them to a new track.

shazui1235237d ago

With the recent rumors and videos that have been going around about Gran Turismo 5 having a track editor, we decided to contact the developers to find out if it was true or not. Now, we have a official answer.

They were kind enough to give us a quick response and this is what a representative said:(Take note, translated from Japanese.)

“Yes it will have a track editor. You will be able to rebuild a track from scratch or edit the tracks that are already put in Gran Turismo 5.”

WOWOW, thats certain then, from PD themselves :O

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likedamaster5237d ago

LOL. I've always wanted a track editor with my arcade racer. Can't wait.

Foliage5237d ago

"LOL. I've always wanted a track editor with my arcade racer. Can't wait."

Yeah, it sucks that you have to wait for Turned 10 to copy this feature as well. Then you can have your wish! Until then, you have to buy a PS3 and use the feature in a real simulator.

Well, you could buy a PS3 and get ModNation, if you want to see it implemented in a Forza-like racer.

5237d ago
Sarcasm5237d ago

"Well, you could buy a PS3 and get ModNation, if you want to see it implemented in a Forza-like racer. "

Whoa whoa whoa, slow down buddy. ModNation Racers don't have car break dancing so please don't downplay it like that.


Rainstorm815237d ago

Best customization feature in a Real racer yet

DaTruth5237d ago

I don't even like racing sims, but these guys won't let me not buy the game. They just keep throwing stuff at me till I can't refuse!

It's like I say I don't want it and they're like;
PD: What if we add this.
Me: No.
PD: Well look at these graphics.
Me: No
PD: Okay, check this feature.
Me: I can't refuse anymore, that is awesome!

TheReaper425237d ago


now a certain group of people can't say GT5 doesn't have enough track :)

sikbeta5236d ago

This is even BETTER


MNicholas5236d ago (Edited 5236d ago )

incredible or underwhelming.

Incredible if you can shape the tracks yourself but in terms of turns as well as elevation. Underwhelming if it just means you can vary the start and end points or different paths from existing tracks.

I hope it's the former.

BTW: GT5 Prologue >>Forza 3 says Eurogamer: DF

Digital Foundry put up a Forza 3 vs GT5 Prologue comparison and some people are trying very hard to keep this exciting news item hidden from you by keeping this off the front page of N4G through various well-known tricks.

Here it is:


GT5 Prologue wins by a landslide. So much so that the writer apologies not just for saying so but for Turn10 with unfounded speculation about their development priorities.

Turns out that Forza 3 doesn't even have AF enabled.

Copied from another comment:

Forza 3 "compared with GT5 Prologue?

+ Replay mode has slightly better motion blur
+ V-synced to avoid tearing

- GT5P has far more sophisticated lighting
- GT5P in 720P has 4xMSAA (double of Forza 3)
- GT5P in 1080P mode has 50% higher resolution but still has 2xAA
- GT5P is processing twice as many cars
- GT5P has tons of transparencies like dust-clouds
- GT5P has lots of effects (like heat haze) that Forza 3 simply does not"

Xgamerzus5236d ago

Holy Sh!t this would make the game too damn interesting!!
Definitely online play would be serious!!