Are Fanboys Really Gamers?

First we must ask ourselves what the term "gamer" means.

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alphakennybody3277d ago

Stupid question,why do you think we're fanboys in the first place? No matter how many consoles you own or games we own, there's always one that you would lean toward more than the others.In the world of gaming being unbiased is just a wishful thinking, there's always one that will attract more than others. We are gamer regardless of the console we own or games we choose.

BadboyCivic3603277d ago

i 100% agree with you...
Thats why some games get such good reviews, even though some reviewers claim to be unbiased...we all know thats not true

But as far as Fanboys goes, they just are very passionate about their console...only when trolling becomes obsessive then there is a real problem...

ape0073277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

human has always been like this,even in sports like football(oh in football you have to extreme,Im man utd fan and HATE OTHER TEAMS),in life styles,in everything

my point is that everyone lean to one thing more than the other but not that XTREME like some guys here in n4g

Im more of a game fanboy than a console fanboy,I love both systems but I admit from the beginnig of this gen until now,I liked the 360 most and I admit I hated the ps3 cause I didn't have one(not extreme hate) and then when got my ps3 I was shocked by mgs4,uncharted and R1,I liked ps3 more but I still love the 360 and now I love both of them,360 get most multiplats and its awesome exclusive and ps3 for some multiplats and its killer exclusives but I have to say it,Im a gta fanboy and the ballad of gay tony gives a 360 upper hand right now(for me) and ps3 got uncharted 2 which is a stunner but Im not gonna finish tbogt and ncharted 2 these days cause Im tired and In a bad mood,I don't want to finish these great games at this mood

I want R* to develope gta 5 using blu-ray\cell,omg that will shift my love for ps3 90%

and about online services,psn is good and all but I like xbl more,so Im gonna get mw2 on 360,that's my opinion and If you like psn more cause it's free,awesome and you don't care about features,I respect your opinions :)

the HUGE problem with the 360 however is the red lights and E-74,I HAAAATE THEM especially the E-seventi Fuking FOUR

Kreyg3277d ago

I think the point I tried to make was more towards those who deny themselves the experiences of games because there are so over the top and cannot just say "hey, let me try that game out"

ape0073277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

you said it straight and short ,have 1 bubble sir


Saaking3277d ago

Yep, we're still gamers. We just prefer a console over the other. I have both, but I prefer the PS3.

SixZeroFour3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

fanboys are only gamers in the sense because they fit the definition of a gamer...which is someone who plays games

but thats where it ends...i dont think they are gamers because they arent open to other games that dont appeal to their console/genre/or even game title...just because a game is on a different console that they dont like/prefer, they put it down...just because the game isnt the genre that they dont like/prefer, they put it down...just because the game isnt a specific franchise that they like/prefer, they put it down...because of all these reasons, i dont think they are real gamers, unless they are open about everything, even if they dont like the said game, if they are still able to see what its good for and what it innovates or reinvents, then IMO they are gamers

G3TDOWN3276d ago

Xbox 360 sucks compared to PS3

well, this is the truth but you people are gonna say I'm a fanboy...

I have my facts straight

ape0073276d ago

that is stupid man,seriously

xbox 360 is an amazing console as well as the ps3

bayonetta is coming,360 version is superior

gta 4,the full experience on 360 and besides 360 versio of gta 4 s way better trust me,I got the ps3 version firsr

mw2,to me im buying it on 360 cause simply xbl offers more depth than psn

exclusive games,conviction is awesome,alan wake have potential,gears 3 on the way,I hope halo reach beat halo 1,mass effect 2 is coming too

ps3 also has killer exclusive line up,even more diverse than 360 exclusives

you get me now

the real problem that is suck,the failure rate of 360,I was pissed the day it got E74 I screamed"I FREAKIN HATE THE SH!TBOX 3 FIX ME"

Pixel_Addict3276d ago

You're right, 360 is equal because Bayonetta is superior on that console. I mean forget that God of War 3, a PS3 exclusive, is around the corner and that might be true.

bjornbear3276d ago

Unless you spend the same amount of time on every console (which no one does), you naturally tend towards one, just like when with two of everything, tend towards one of them (even if u use one console for FPS and the other for Platformers) eventually you will favour one.

Fanboys are just extreems of the situation.

I would say I'm a fanboy. But i'm not a Sony or Apple fanboy, but someone who's had such a bad experience with MS all around, that I simply don't choose to be affiliated with it.

However I can still appreciate the 360 as a very good console, with very good games. It's just not my FAV.

Xgamerzus3276d ago

Fanboys are ,Wii crybabies and XBOX clones,PC Nerds and PS3 graphic

3sexty rulzzz3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

over our head by miles! 95% of all sonyfanboys&girls are talk and no play

I don't see hardly none of the xbox fans on this site right after a game is released, you want to know why, he really doesn't care about blogging about the game because he is too busy PLAYING. all of you guys claim that you have the best games and system, but yet you are always on this site; you and the other 250 sonyfans. stop writing and start play because by your logic and reasoning, N4G would be flooded with xbox fans; their not because they are either playing games or working.

n4f3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

its ok to like one console more than another but to say that x console is better than other cause it like that or to hate someone just because he like his console, that is fanboy.
but to answer the question most fanboy are not gamer cause 95% of sh!t that come from there mouth is b/s coming from a b/s site saying b/s stuff and they troll site saying those b/s stuff but sometime they true stuff and still manage to troll site
how to cut this b/s, you silent it with a silencer

KiRBY30003276d ago

what the hell are you talkin about? 360 owners had nothing to play in 2009, thats why they didnt show up.

Bon Scott3276d ago

They pulled the wool over the worlds eyes with the pos 1 and 2........shame.
I'm glad MS is smackin em around with the 360!!!!! AMERICAN owned company!!!!!!
Same way the punks in Japan won't buy the 360(even though it has all of the JRPG).
That's where my fanboyism stems from.
Fvck Sony.
These bastards have their hands in every aspect of entertainment from tvs,cameras,laptops,stereo equipment,MOVIE STUDIOS,BLU RAY,RECORD LABELS etc.etc.
Talk about an evil monopoly over the entertainment/electronic world.

This world has sadly gone blind to Sonys domination agenda.

PS.......N4G is also a Sony funded question about it!
If you don't believe,read the comments for a's pathetic,just like Japan and Sony,

NaiNaiNai3276d ago

real simple, gamers like games.

Fanboys Blindly hate something because its not on there GOD system.

Real simple.

Good example. ps3 fans and halo.

CimmerianDrake3276d ago

Simply put, the term "gamer" is literally defined as a person or persons who game. So yes, Fanboys are gamers. But, I'd categorize them as "overzealous gamers".

sikbeta3276d ago

Sorry guys, but at this time you can find different type of fanboys everywhere, is not exclusive related to games anymore, now I remember 2 groups of Anime fanboys saying something like:

-naruto is the best, even better than DBGt
-NO! DBGt is much more better
-bla bla bla
-more bla bla bla

I really want to smack them in the face, because Sailor Moon is the Best lol XD

Really, fanboys are everywhere

If we talk about gamers is weird, for example by the xbox fanboy logic I'm a sony fanboy because I support Playstation and they are not fanboys because they support their console of choice (?), if I said I do it because is worth, they say I'm part of the Sony Defence Force, but if I talk about rrod they say I'm in the sony denial force (??) and if I see a wii fanboy I'll kick his @$$ so hard.... lol

Don't take this serious

ape0073276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

they only can afford ONE system

I told them go for a ps3,it has more diverse game library,full

online,blu-ray,killer exclusive,relaibilty and it have better gfx/potential

I live in ksa,ps3 is selling like crazy here,3 times as much as the 360

xbox is amazing too I love it

but if you want to get the best of the best,get both systems :)

and that's the bottom like cause ape007 said so

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Bon Scott3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I'll never support Sony because it's a Pearl Harbor sneek attack Jap company.
They pulled the wool over the worlds eyes with the pos 1 and 2........shame.
I'm glad MS is smackin em around with the 360!!!!! AMERICAN owned company!!!!!!
Same way the punks in Japan won't buy the 360(even though it has all of the JRPG).
That's where my fanboyism stems from.
Fvck Sony.
These bastards have their hands in every aspect of entertainment from tvs,cameras,laptops,stereo equipment,MOVIE STUDIOS,BLU RAY,RECORD LABELS etc.etc.
Talk about an evil monopoly over the entertainment/electronic world.

This world has sadly gone blind to Sonys domination agenda.

PS.......N4G is also a Sony funded question about it!
If you don't believe me,read the majority of the articles and comments for a while's pathetic,just like Japan and Sony,

Kreyg3277d ago

Thanks, my point wasn't to say someone who strictly owns a ps3 is a fanboy and isn't a gamer, the point was there are people out there that are so over the top that they REFUSE to play a game because its not on 360 or ps3.

I admit I am a bit more towards my 360 than PS3, but I wont ever deny myself the experience of awesome games because Im a stubborn over opinionated jerk.

kaveti66163277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

There's a difference between having a preference and being biased. Having a preference means that you say things like, "I prefer Playstation 3 more than Xbox 360," or "I think Halo 3's multiplayer is better than any other multiplayer." But being biased (i.e. being a fanboy) means you're going to say things like "Enjoy your flopbox, retards" or "Gaylo 3 sucks bawls, and everyone who plays it is a queer" or "Everyone knows PS3 has the best exclusives in the world, and only an idiot would say otherwise."

These are the differences.

It's okay to prefer one console over the other. It's okay to prefer one game over others, but it's quite another thing to shamelessly bash another console or another game just because you don't own one or else just because you hate the company that makes it.

Being biased means that you don't treat things objectively. It means that you're going to bash a game for reasons other than what truly matters about games. For example, if you bash a game just because it happens to be on another console and you've never played it because you don't own that console, then you're being biased. So, no, for those of you who consider yourselves fanboys, if you don't actually do any of these things, then I suggest you just say that you love your consoles, because the term fanboy is negative now. It describes people who act immature.

There are also fanboys who happen to own the console that they hate. They've had a terrible experience with it personally, and then apply their grievances to everyone else. Some people might have had their PS3 break on them, and their emotions take over and they bash Sony or the PS3 just because of their negative experience. Someone might have experienced lag while playing a game for only 5 minutes and then decides that they're going to tell everyone with ears that the game is a laggy piece of crap. These people have psychological insecurities. They don't know why they do it, and when you confront them about it, they defend their actions. They do not think they're doing anything wrong. Maybe they didn't attend school or missed too many days from school so they didn't learn how to be kind and open-minded.

They stick to a brand and they become loyal to any product created by that company. They have an unfounded suspicion of any company that isn't their company. They cluster together with people who have the same opinions as they do. They exchange little tidbits and then pass off exaggerated rumors as facts. These people need to be re-educated. Being a "TRUE" gamer means that you're not going to pass judgment on a game just because you don't have the console to play it. For example, I always said that I think Gran Turismo is a fantastic series, even though I only just recently got a PS3. Had I been biased, I would have always said that "Forza is awesome and GT5 blows."

Or how about the PS3 fanboys who hate on Valve just because Valve doesn't make games for PS3? "Oh, Valve are lazy, incompetent devs. They don't know how to do anything. All of their games suck." At the same time, these fanboys praise any Sony first party developer who only makes games for the PS3, or they praise 3rd party companies like Konami for only making MGS4 on PS3.

Now, everything I said above also applies to 360 fanboys, or more bluntly, all fanboys in general. Being a fanboy is not a good thing.

ape0073277d ago

great comment man,valve is one of the most hated game companies here on n4g and if you look at it,half life 2 was one of the best games ever,they act like they are crap,I just want valve to develope half life 3 but not now,I want it on next gen consoles

or MW2,the game will be absoloutely amazing,yet ps3 fans BASH BASH the hell out of it cause activision boss said he could drop ps3 support and at the same time 90% of these bashers know that mw2 gonna be amazing and it's much better than mag,yet you don't see anyone bash mag if they didn't like it or resistance 2 if it wasn't better than R1

you see

guys here are so desperate they need to chill

Saaking3277d ago

PS3 owners are, as we get to play the best of the best this gen. Bots are just little brats who couldn't afford a PS3 and spend their time trying to defend the failbox.

jashwin3276d ago

agreed.chris is an xbot troll,lolzzzz

AliTheBrit193276d ago

Come on Saaking, you told me you would stop this

FYI Everyone Saaking is no fanboy, he likes to play the fanboy

He is a massive Halo fan, check out his gamertag and you can see how much he loves Halo 3, Halo Wars and Halo 3: ODST

kevinx10003276d ago

well done ali :)
i've been trying to show everyone the truth for a while now.

just quit it saaking, everyone knows!

PlayStation X3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

who dont like to play fanboy? xD

kevinx10003276d ago

so we shouldn't take your comments seriously either (to those who still did)
90% of the droid comments are just argumentless, random MS bashing comments, shouted out in jealousy and/or without reading the article.

ambientFLIER3276d ago

The sad thing is that he plays fanboy non-stop, day in, and day out. I tried that before, and it got boring, and fast. He's putting so much effort into stirring up controversy for no reason at all...

kevinx10003275d ago

guess what?
"Last Playing Halo 3

Offline for 12 Hrs"

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