Does Left 4 Dead 2 Feature Zombie Dogs?

The continued dissection of the Left 4 Dead 2 PC demo turns up a reference to other possible features in the game: three soundfiles entitled "zombiedog_attack."

Steam user McEnvy emailed me that screengrab. (The full size screen is below, showing the directories and other information). Looks legit enough to me. He sounded familiar with the demo and its contents so I have no reason to believe that is fake.

However, as we heard from Chet Faliszek yesterday, other files found in the demo were test files or placeholders, and not content in the game or coming up. These files also could be leftover assets for a feature that Valve ultimately abandoned or removed from the game.

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Saaking3271d ago

I'll be getting it on PC.

Sarcasm3271d ago

I'll be renting it on 360.

NaiNaiNai3271d ago

I'll be buying it on PC so I don't have to listen to idiot ps3 fanboys on the PC version screaming about how good there system is, XD even though they aren't playing it.

ps3ftwin3271d ago

got this on the pc 45usd on steam.

saved 15usd on the xbox version.

plus if any dlcs come out they will be free on the pc. so thats even more saving for a superior version imo great deal.

LtSkittles3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

When you go to read it this happens ,and I am guessing this is a follow up to the story meaning it's fake.

Feral Gamer3271d ago

I really wish people wouldn't dissect things like this and put it in the headlines. Some people may like a surprise once in a while.

LONEWOLF2313270d ago

I am getting it on the 360!

Pandamobile3270d ago

The zombie dog files are the Hunter's sound files. The PC community found this back in 2008 :|

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