Treyarchs New Attempt At The FPS Crown Next Year HipHopGamerShow 11/1/09

1. God Of War 3 Bundle Confirmed (Limited Edition In The Works)
2. Will Microsoft Lose Splinter Cell 3 Exclusivity?
3. DJ Hero Review – 10/10 Most Fun In A Music Game
4. Army Of Two: The 40th Day (Major Interview)
(Full Interview On the
5. Is Jay-Z A Back Stabber?

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Double073275d ago

Its that time of the week again =D

pixelsword3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

...I hate to bring this up, and I wasn't until the comments made by UBIsoft, but there was a 4Chan person who claimed he was an ex-UBIsoft employee and he stated that Splinter Cell was a six-month exclusive... I didn't want to believe it, because this was my big "in" game after ODST, but I think he may have been more legit than the average jerk on 4Chan.

What? It wasn't a reply! :( Sorry... Well, since I'm here: If you like him, great; if you don't, great... either way, if you keep it civil in the gamer zone it will be best for every opinion.

thedisagreefairy3275d ago

did anyone really expect bad score on dj hero from HipHopGamer?

Saaking3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

We all know treyarch is already working on COD7. Activision will just keep milking it until its dry.

EDIT: R&C comes out every two years, not every year.

NaiNaiNai3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Saaking you mean like R&C?


1 year or 2 years, its the same game that released before it and same as the one before that. XD its called milking.

BreakNeckSpeed3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )


I stopped reading after 4chan, no offence.

HHG contradicts himself by saying that Conviction will lose exclusivity! - 08:10 onwards. Confirmation it will never appear on PS3

From HHG himself from the video

" Alri , Cool. There you have it , hip hop gamer show gave it to you , you already know what it is. Its only on Xbox 360 , so stop coming up with your weak articles, acting like you know something "

Yeah your right about one thing there HHG stop coming up with your weak articles. Your only trying to gain hits with controversial topics with no evidence.

pixelsword3275d ago

None taken, but since UBI soft basically is saying the same thing that was said in 4Chan minus the date, that source gained credibility... especially since that post was posted at least a month or two before anyone talked about SCC going multiplatform. All because someone posts in 4Chan doesn't mean they're illegitimate.

Blaze9293275d ago

What are you trynna say...cuz he's black? V_V

silvacrest3275d ago

so by your own logic you admit halo has been milked pretty good?

NaiNaiNai3275d ago

any game that has no big improvement in a series is considered milking.

ODST = milk Halo 3 = not milked

ReservoirDog3163275d ago

Actually, R&C might be ending (haven't played ACiT yet so nobody even reply to this).

But about SCC, Splinter Cell was always an xbox franchise to me. So even if it comes to the PS3, I don't care. And I always prefer to buy games on the PS3.

cLiCK_sLiCK93275d ago

I wish Treyarch wouldn't even try for the FPS crown again. Whats next World at War 2? I would much rather have them doing a full scale zombie game, using the MW2 engine , similar to World at War's Nazi Zombie mode.
Thats basically the only good thing Treyarch is good at doing imo.

Activision needs a good Zombie game btw.

Kassanova073274d ago

Best of luck with that TV spot HHG!

Oh, and f**k Jay-Z!

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kaveti66163275d ago

Sorry, no time to watch the vid as I got a major paper to write, but I will comment on the 5 topics.

1. God Of War 3 Bundle Confirmed (Limited Edition In The Works)

-For sure, I see this bundle getting a lot of GOW fans excited. I want to get all the GOW games soon to experience the story.

2. Will Microsoft Lose Splinter Cell 3 Exclusivity?

-I think this is a 50/50. As the PS3 gains a larger marketshare this year and next year, I think Ubisoft might want to bring SC to PS3. It's not a bad move, but it would definitely disappoint the 360 crowd. It's not fun losing exclusives.

3. DJ Hero Review – 10/10 Most Fun In A Music Game

-I have an irrational hatred of games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and this DJ Hero. As fun as they are, I do not see the value in paying for fake instruments. The experience in learning how to play a real instrument and actually getting good at it far outweighs mastering the art of pressing buttons on a plastic guiatar/turntable. I believe everyone has the hidden ability to play instruments, if only they tried. After a semester of clarinet lessons in middle school, I actually became pretty good at it, and I recommend everyone who loves music with a passion to try and get lessons once in a while.

4. Army Of Two: The 40th Day (Major Interview)
(Full Interview On the

-Never played the first, but the trailers for this one are pretty badass.

5. Is Jay-Z A Back Stabber?

-I wish I knew what this was about. I like Jay-Z. 99 problems is one of my favorite songs.

RockmanII73275d ago

Isn't Chaos Theory on the PS2

BWS19823275d ago

why this is # 3...there was SC, then Pandora Tomorrow, then Chaos Theory (all on Gamecube, btw, and I thought on PS2 also) and then there was Double Agent, so, if you're keeping track, this is #5, actually, but I know many devs/publishers count certain ones as an alternate in the series, not a true sequel. This was the case in GTA, you had GTA 3, you had Vice City, and you had San Andreas, and THEN came, whatever.

I am very eager to see how Conviction turns out, I've usually really liked the SC series.

ikiru33853275d ago

Nope, Treyarch will live in Infinity Ward's shadow. They're tried with two games, but still can't top any of IW's efforts. When it comes to FPS, IW is king.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3275d ago

Yh IW are better at FPS than Treyarch by far. Though whether IW is king of the FPS genre is another thing. IMO they're not

ArmrdChaos3275d ago

Treyarch stands no chance whatsoever unless they get a clue. Get rid of the grenade spam and other moments of throwing realism out the window for the sake of making something more difficult. You can make games more difficult AND realistic if you put some thought into it.

cLiCK_sLiCK93275d ago

Treyarch is better at doing "Zombie games" than Call of duty.

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