Gay Tony - 52 in-game sex screens

From Gameswire: "In case you didn't know, you can have sex with women in the Ballad of Gay Tony. And to prove it, we've taken 52 shots of Luis 'in action' with three different women.

"Although no nudity is shown, the shots are pretty graphic all the same, and feature an assortment of comical facial expressions.

"We're of the age now where we no longer find such things erotic, but it's quite funny to look at."

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gameangel3273d ago

It's pretty full on for a game. Hopefully no one will show these shots to a certain British tabloid...

WenisWagon3273d ago

"bu bu bu the ballad of gay tony is teh gay!!!11"

-Homophobic PS3tards

JasonPC360PS3Wii3273d ago

Yeah it get pretty crazy with the oral and bathroom sex. IMO I think they did to piss off Jack Thompson and all those people like the Dem and Rep that made a fuss about the hot coffee mod. Almost like they said to the hell with it lets just put it in the game right in their face.

QuizPyro3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

WOW what a spin there wenis you, almost broke the spin-o-meter.

3272d ago
king dong33272d ago

complete off-topic stupid sony fanboy drivel reported and bubbles minus. gtfo here you pathetic fanboy. i purchased forza3 and i will purchase gt5, who cares what has the best graphics, they are both going to be top game... people like you seriously need to get a life.

on-topic, i purchased the new GTA disc saturday, and am currently playing through the lost and damned...i'm saving gay tony til last.

tlad is great bythe way!

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Voice of Reason3273d ago

Yeah, the Daily Mail would go nuts for that stuff. Especially the woman getting punched.

Gabe EatsWell3273d ago

Bots will surely love this since they are still virgins.

gameangel3273d ago

Lol, have a +1 agree for having the nerve to say that when you have a profile picture like that. lol

chrisulloa3273d ago

Lol coming from droids who defend their pornstation.

AliTheBrit193273d ago


It's the droids who are looking forward to Heavy Rain, so they can jack off at the topless scenes :)

See what I did there? how easy it is to make a retarded comment like you.

Pumbli3273d ago

Keep on going guys, these replies are hilarious.

All I can say is [email protected] pr0nz!

dustgavin3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

And bots like you are looking forward to giving Milo virtual head with Natal.

Mr Face Creamer3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

And droids like you are looking forward to treating themselves to a handscoop milking once you download some of than PervStation porn or yank it on Kratos.

Funny thing is, I did a reply much smaller and weaker than this and it got deleted, while all the people I had replied to were programmed droids who wrote pretty much on the same pr0n subject as me. So my question is, are mods here droids too? Such as Ghost of Sparta?


mens do that . but bots sure get a kick out of gay tony sex scenes. who's the tool there ?

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Troll_Police3273d ago

More full frontal male nudity.

Jump In!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3273d ago

nope try again. So what do you think of the game? Oh... thats right you don't get it.

Erotic Sheep3273d ago

"nope try again. So what do you think of the expansion? Oh... thats right you don't get it."

Fixed ^_^

Perjoss3273d ago

expansion? cant agree with you there for 2 reasons, firstly both TLaD and TBoGT have around 15 hours gameplay each (some 'full' games have 6 hours) and secondly they can be stand-alone if you get the disc version, GTA4 not needed.

Bereaver3273d ago

Please, if you played through TBoGT non stop through the NEW stuff, then it wouldn't take you 16 hours. Now if you added in a few small missions about going somewhere and killing someone in the things that were already there, yeah, maybe.

Microsoft Xbox 3603273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Only an idiot compares sandbox gameplay time with other games. That's like counting the hours spent playing Call of Duty online vs a single player game. Just plain stupid. Besides that, a sandbox game like GTA without the driving from point A to B, getting lost, and the repetitive side missions can be beaten just as fast as any normal game would. Especially an expansion DLC.

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