Infinity Ward Removes Modern Warfare 2 "F.A.G.S." Video

Kotaku writes: "Following stern criticism from two games writers yesterday, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling pulled back a viral video for Modern Warfare 2, couched as a PSA from a group called "Fight Against Grenade Spam" that called the tactic "for pussies."

Destructoid's Samit Sarkar, following the event unfold over Twitter, reports that Infinity Ward took fire publicly from Phillip Kollar of Game Informer and freelancer Mitchell Dyer over the video's language, tone and especially, the way the fake interest group's name formed the acronym "F.A.G.S."

In the end, Bowling said he could "appreciate the concerns" although he felt "the core gag is great," and ultimately, the video was taken down."

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Pandamobile3272d ago

Infinity Ward are the F.A.G.S if you ask me.

ambientFLIER3271d ago

How clever. Waah waah, they don't have dedicated servers, they are [email protected]! Waah waah!

MEsoJD3271d ago

fight against F.A.G.S

Trebius3271d ago

It's like they're trying to piss off every demographic.

I've already cancelled my PC pre order...they're a bunch of talented dipshlts if you ask me.

LtSkittles3271d ago

It seems like IW are doing all the wrong things to get people to talk about this game.

1.Remove Dedicated servers,mods,and Price it $10 more for the PC.
2.Raise the price in certain parts
3.Created an airplane level which isn't bad, but the fact that it got leaked, and upset a group of people
4.Third-person multiplayer
5.Ads that upset a certain group

SL1M DADDY3271d ago

The acronym or title was not so appropriate. I hate grenade spammers. In fact, in the last few weeks I have found myself pulling out the noob tube to get the better of some stupid campers and grenade spammers. It sucks when you have to stoop so low.

GamerSciz3271d ago

You know why it's so easy to grenade spam in COD...because you can throw a grenade over a damn building and that's without the quarterback perk of being able to throw it even further. Grenades weigh about 8lbs when loaded with gun powder. Good luck tossing it a hundred feet let alone even 40ft is difficult. The grenades do well in terms of, if your close you should be killed, but they are able to be thrown way to far. No game to this day that I have seen has allowed grenades to be realistic in how far you can truly throw them.

STONEY43271d ago

This is why I hated playing Search and Destroy or Hardcore. I would always be the ONLY person on the team to get randomly hit by a grenade. The match would start, I'd run out and take cover, bam I'm dead. Next round, I stay near the spawn point to wait for the first wave of grenades to end, but WTF BAM I'm dead. I go in a side street where no one usually goes BAM I'm dead.

Pixel_Addict3271d ago

when you release something on the internet, especially that popular, its on there forever. Besides, it's not like the number of people using such nastly language can increase THAT much more. I mean pretty much everyone on XBL uses that word.

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The story is too old to be commented.