Extended Gamespot Interview with Gabe Newell - Talks about everything

Gamespot interviews Gabe Newell, President and Co-Founder of Valve. It's the extended version of the one that appeared on the Halloween 2009 episode of Today on the Spot.

Important points:
Left 4 Dead 3 is not coming next year.

Very high pre-order rate among members of the L4D2 Boycott Steam group.

Left 4 Dead will continue to get DLC. Possible special DLC for people that have both L4D and L4D2.

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BreakNeckSpeed3271d ago

Gabe Newell Jokes imminent ....

Bodyboarder_VGamer3271d ago

The sad thing is that nobody cares.

QuizPyro3271d ago

too bad he can't be himself for halloween ahh...wait nevermind.

Jeromejones3271d ago

<Please insert Gabe Newell fat jokes below>

chrisulloa3271d ago

Lol, I don't think he cares about the fat jokes. He still makes more money in a year, than most of you will in your entire lifetime.

Obama3271d ago

I would rather be a physically fit man who makes a decent living than be a fat slob who is filthy rich. I know you would rather be fat chris. :)

Hutch23553271d ago

How many pc versions of l4d sold compared to xbox 360? Above posted that l4d2 is primarily a pc game, so I was wondering if that was true. I don't know anyone who even plays that game on pc, but I have 4 buddys that have it for the 360. So if someone has those stats that would be cool.

Pandamobile3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Valve reported that the game sold 3 million retail copies (Xbox + PC) but they didn't factor in Steam sales which usually double the retail sales.

And in my first comment about it being primarily a PC game, I meant that Valve's focus will always be on the PC platform first. The Xbox version was a 3rd party port done by Certain Affinity.

I'm guessing the total sales on Steam and retail for both platforms are around 6 million. Probably ~4 million on PC and ~2 million on Xbox 360.


I'm just saying that PC is the number one priority at Valve. That's where their money is. That's where their community and fanbase is.

StanLee3271d ago

The XBox 360 version of Left 4 Dead sold well over 2 million copies. I don't know why poster say this game or that game is a "PC game" because obviously if it's on a console, it has been adapted for that platform. The game doesn't play any differently on the PC than it does on the consoles albeit you have far more content on the PC. I have both and while having more content is great, being able to play with friends on a console is far better.

TheIneffableBob3271d ago

Nah, Pandamobile, the sales are high but not that high.

I'd say around 2 million retail sales for Xbox 360 and around 1.5 million retail sales for PC and 1 million on Steam. Steam is getting much larger, but it hasn't overtaken retail sales yet.

Pandamobile3271d ago

Valve games usually sell a lot more on Steam then they do in retail. Half-Life 2 had 8 million retail sales and more than double that on Steam.

frostypants3271d ago

I'll be checking this out on steam. BTW, I highly doubt Valve doesn't account for sales via Steam. If anything, those would be easier and more accurate to track than retail because the sales could be immediately tallied into their database.

led10903270d ago

nah they don't...they have just realeased the retail numbers. I'm guessing arount 2.25 million on xbox 360 and 1.3 on Pc retail sales and 2 million steam sales. Also when they put up the first sale for l4d on steam, they reported that the sales outstripped the combined lauch numbers so that says a lot bout how their games sell on steam

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qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Wow, that interview was an eye opener. Here's what I learned...

Valve thought up most of L4D and L4D2... not Turtle Rock (rolls eyes)

All of these ideas for L4D2 were brought up during L4D1 development, again bringing up the whole "Y nO DLC 4 pC! ;_; " arguement...

Developing for architecture OTHER than the PC/360 is all about supply and demand, and while Valve knows MAC and PS3 users request games, Gabe and his crew don't see any profit from these platforms...

Oh Gabey... you know how much you suck right? Because this interview topped out my BS meter at an astonishing 450bshz

Pandamobile3271d ago

"Valve thought up most of L4D and L4D2... not Turtle Rock (rolls eyes)"

Turtle Rock is now part of Valve. They're one company.

"All of these ideas for L4D2 were brought up during L4D1 development, again bringing up the whole "Y nO DLC 4 pC! ;_; " arguement..."


tdrules3271d ago

i own a Mac and PS3 and totally agree with Gabe, I dont think they should go out of their way to produce games for those platforms.
its a business FFS, if they arent going to profit they wont do it

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3271d ago

But it doesn't excuse them for acting so daft about PS3 and Mac development.

Chubear3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

but you're right OP. My BS meter was off the scale all through that interview. Valve fans know what the company is about so they clearly saw what L4D2 was about - an obvious cash grab.

Now is that such a bad thing? perhaps not but for fans of this company, when they see that they're justified to get nervous for thinking this might get to be the norm for Valve and that's not a good thing for sure.

tdrules3271d ago

meh buy it on PC and stop whining.
you cant expect them to invest for YOUR enjoyment.
you want to play the game, invest yourself

frostypants3271d ago

The reason they don't develop for the PS3 is more because they lack the initiative to learn the platform, and don't want to put their name on something if they can't do it right. Any claim that a console with an install base of nearly 30 million wouldn't make them money is pretty high on the BS-o-meter.

K-Tuck3270d ago

They (Valve/Gabe) just hate the PS3. Or maybe they are intimidated by it. Plenty of developers manage to put their games on the big three without any problems, yet here is Valve, one of the biggest developers out there whining about how hard it is.

MagicAccent3270d ago

It's because the boycott was successful; people were satisfied with Valves response. The boycott wasn't supported by people who hate L4D2 as you and everyone else seem to believe, it was supported by people who love L4D.

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