EVO Revealed

Today the Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation announced that the Evo: Phase One media entertainment console will go on sale via the internet October 20, 2006. The suggested retail price is $679.95. (80 GB HDD) The system will ship with the Akimbo video on demand application pre-installed, plus, customers can apply an additional discount on over 1,600 games from the Evo:  Direct store upon purchase of their EVO unit.        Evo: Phase One combines computer, media center, and PC gaming into one unit. The system will also boast amazing graphics supported by the Sapphire  RADEON HDMI  X1600 Pro graphic card. The Sapphire RADEON X1600 Pro has 12 pixel pipelines that provides the highest graphics performance in its class even for shader intensive gaming. Equipped with 128MB of DDR3 memory and  this model features clock speeds of 500MHz (core) and 800MHz (memory). Other key features include customized liquid cooling system, built-in biometric fingerprint reader and digital video recording features.  EVO is designed much like a PC, customers can purchase extended warranties and get next day onsite assistance or 24/7 IT phone service and remote access service packages. The system’s online and networkability will be more apparent in phase two and customized games will be available as the systems continues to expand. EVO will give customers the option to upgrade certain aspects of the system.  The EVO:  Phase One will offer one package option, with the suggested retail price of $679.99.  The package will carry one wireless PC game controller and  a EVO: Direct discount card. Other accessories will sell separately. In addition, customers can order customize EVO paint applications upon request.     Derrick Samuels CEO and Founder reported today. “Evo will be one of the first true gaming hybrid consoles that will be built -to-order with few restrictions, but at the same time offer a platform that will constantly evolve to suit the customer’s need.  Evo is a computer but it will also provide the entire family the opportunity to access the different applications throughout the home via wireless network.” Samuels added, “ The final hardware units should be done in late August and is greatly improved from the unit displayed at E3 this year in Los Angeles. Upon request units will be available for review.  Envizions’ goal is to build on quality, service and reliability.  To reward our customers we plan to ship all pre-orders first since the unit will have a limited release qualities  available at launch.”

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kingboy5798d ago

Phantom... cough ..cough !!

TheXgamerLive5798d ago (Edited 5798d ago )

I do believe that this is going in the right direction though. I know MS is considering that the next XBOX system to which I'll call XBOX ALIVE will be both a PC compatible and Console gaming system.
It would make it start out with a library of millions of games, well ok not millions but mega games to be sure. I think vista is the stepping stone to that happening. Vista will sort of be the test drive if you will. MS has it going on, Oh yeah:))

CrizzleC245798d ago

If this actually works and comes out in october than im getting it...but if its another phantom then im a no go. As long as i can buy pc games for it and put my movie editing/mixing software than its a deal.

specialguest5798d ago

this is one of those " why buy this when i already have a PC for gaming and extra " situation. i don't see how this will make it.

Jak4ever5797d ago (Edited 5797d ago )

Envizions Computer Entertainment has got to be kidding me with this!.. ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS?? who in there right mind is going to buy this pile of __ for 679? especially when the Ps3 is lower in price and still debated. .. this has got to be a marketing scheme of some sort, maybe they know its going to fail but just want to get the company name out to the masses?? i dont know.

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