The Top 10 Games Where You Play As A Villain

Gamefaqs: Heroes - It's been quite a staple in videogames for a long time, actually, it's a fairly standard staple of fiction in general since time immemorial. Some of these heroes are great, for many different reasons, some have you wander a shining fantasy world killing goblins, beating Black Knights and getting a kiss from the Beautiful Princess herself,

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kaveti66163272d ago

Gears of War and Killzone should also be there. As the story unfolds in both titles, you realize that the humans in Gears and the ISA are actually oppressing upon the Locust Horde and Helghan, respectively. The Helghan are the victims.

karan86243272d ago

The helghast ARE the true victims, but not many people realize this in the game storyline. However, most conflicts are like this, this list just puts the obvious ones