Grumpy Gurevitz: Hard Times With My Hard Drive

Grumpy Gurevitz Writes: So, the other day I decided that I needed a new, larger, hard drive for my PS3; and seeing that the price of 500gb drives had fallen to a point where it was a 'no brainer' I went and purchased one from my local PC World. Incidentally I only ever go to PC World for impulse buys – I cannot stand the place. The staff are on a par with those that work for Comet, and as one of my close friends puts it, people who work at Comet are those that couldn't get work at Currys, and that's not saying much. Anyway, I digress (I recently had a bad experience buying a cooker from Comet and have an axe to grind!) will refocus on my Hard Drive, all 500 gigs of it.

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Jonny Drama3272d ago

How come i didnt have this problem when i upgraded to 750gb?? this guy is a total n00b

TomMcBaum3271d ago

Buy a proper screwdriver before trying to swap hard drives again. Jeez, don't you read the how-to articles before trying this stuff?
It is easy when you have the right equipment.

Real Gambler3271d ago

You just have to use the right screwdriver for each job. You need two Phillips screwdrivers (and one Torx for the security screw) and you can totally take apart a PS3 in less than 10 minutes. Sure enough, if you're trying to do that with one single cheap screwdriver that has been used too many time already, you're "screwed" : )