360 to own Holiday 2009 (but only just)

Gameswire takes a look at the most prominent console bundles available in the run up to this year's festive period in order to predict the likely victor.

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Christopher_Walken3273d ago

All signs are starting to point in a different direction. You may want to take a look outside your window Gameswire. Things are changing.

Genesis53273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Wait until the MW2 bundle bargin shopper gets home and finds out they have to buy a wifi(unless you don't mind drilling holes in your floors to run cables) and a gold membership to get everything their new purchase has to offer. As opposed to just taking it out if the box and plugging it in.

Christopher_Walken3273d ago

Yes, but a majority of consumers will look at the price tag on the boxes.

Not many people know offhand that you need multiple accessories to get the 360 up to the PS3 standard equipment.

Saaking3273d ago

How can they even say that? They just look like fools. It's either PS3 or Wii this Holiday season, the 360 is out of the race.

soxfan20053273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

"MW2 bargain bundle"??

The MW2 bundle will be the most expensive 360 on the market, not a "bargain" bundle. Anyone who buys the most expensive version of a console is cetainly going to know what they are getting.

EDIT @ below - if what you say is true, how does that support your opinion that the PS3 will do far better this year? By your reasoning, only a tiny percentage of people will realize the value of the PS3.

Parapraxis3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

"The MW2 bundle will be the most expensive 360 on the market,"
Good point sox, MS probably should have bundled it with a cheaper SKU to sell more.

Also, "Anyone who buys the most expensive version of a console is certainly going to know what they are getting.", work 1 day in retail and you'll immediately see just how wrong you are about that.
A tiny percentage of people actually research and are informed, the majority of consumers only know what they are told by the sales rep.

Elvfam5113273d ago

I think probably COD addicts wont care about the price and just buy it

presto7173273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Final Fantasy XIII on PS3 will lay the smack down on the 360 in Japan. And as big as modern warfare is, it is not the be all / end all. A lot of people who are interested in COd4 already have a PS3 or 360 so I dont see MW2 moving a sh!tload of consoles as the article suggests.

With the PS3 being the "in thing" now, I really dont think MS should be relying on a multiplatform game to win over consumers.

ReviewsArePolitics3273d ago

With no games, it's kinda hard. Oh yeah, "but teh salez", "teh profits". Let's play sales and profits, yay.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3273d ago

A lot of COD addicts will already have 360s or PS3s

silvacrest3273d ago

its not like final fantasy fans in japan waiting for the next gen installment, we are talking about a sequel to a game that came out 2 years ago, i would have thought everyone who bought MW1 would buy the second without much new comer interest?

Saaking3273d ago

As I've said before the 360's price advantage is the ONLY reason it outsold the Ps3. with that gone, The 360 is gonna go down. MS can Only sell if they're cheap.

vhero3273d ago

Hahahahaha somebody had to say it eh??

zeeshan3273d ago

First of all, the bundle is going to cost $400 and it won't be a $199 or $299 bundle. Secondly, it's a damn multiplatform game and is the 6th sequel of the COD franchise. The last 2 games were developed for next-gen machines and are available dirt cheap on both XBOX360 and PS3. Basically, what I am trying to say is that what the author is trying to do here has miserably failed. If the author thinks that this bundle will move enough units to beat the crap out of PS3 then he really needs to visit N4G more often, check Famitsu, Media Create and NPD numbes and see what the critics are saying about PS3 and the upcoming lineup of exclusive PS3 games. Almost all of them are AAA games of amazing quality.

It would take M$ a lot more than a MW2 bundle and a $50 rebate to stop Sony's onslaught come holiday season. It is true that MW2 will shine on 360 and will easillyyyy outsell the PS3 numbers but we all know why's that going to happen. PS3 users have an ultimate lineup of upcoming and already released games. There is just too much going on for SONY fans to keep up with as it is and I don't think MW2 will help 360 regain their second spot. 2009 belonged to SONY and it will continue to belong to SONY until Dec 31st.

What's more interesting is that if the games lineup is anything to go by, it seems 2010 will also belong to SONY which is simply pathetic for M$ as they have had a cheaper price advantage in addition to a year headstart. Like I said, it would take a M$ a lot more than fancy bundles to stop Sony from benefiting from this momentum that they have achieved in recent months.

whoelse3273d ago

We have all seen the impact that the slimmer and crucially cheaper PS3 has had. I think the PlayStation 3 will lead the 360 globally this holiday, but the MW2 bundle will take a small dent out of the ratio compared to the current state of affairs where it is more 5:3 PS3:360.

My guestimate is 4:3.

3273d ago
joemayo763273d ago

to "win" the holidays, but how do you "own" something or someone just barely? doesn't that defeat the purpose of "owning or pwning" them?

sikbeta3273d ago

"All signs are starting to point in a different direction. You may want to take a look outside your window Gameswire. Things are changing"

To the Article Writer:

JasonPC360PS3Wii3273d ago

Agree it will be much closer than the past three years but in the end the PS3 will come in last. Next year will be the hardest year for the PS3 because MS as a hell of alot of games coming and a huge price cut under their belt. Next year we will see a 360 for under $150 with a hard drive. I would like to see Sony do that without going bankrupt.

callahan093273d ago

"I think probably COD addicts wont care about the price and just buy it"

Wouldn't COD addicts already have their machine with which they're going to play MW2?

silvacrest3273d ago

i've said it once and i'll say it again, at some point a price cut just wont cut it any more for the 360, in fact the latest price cut didn't give a spike anything like the PS3 slim did

arguing the 360 exclusives will push sales is almost moot since the PS3 will still have a awesome 2010 lineup

no way next year will be "the hardest for the PS3" being as expensive as it was was its biggest challenge, if anything the 360 has it rougher, its price advantage is gone and sony are churning out exclusives pretty fast now

callahan093273d ago

"Next year we will see a 360 for under $150 with a hard drive"

You're kidding, right? Why would you think that? I mean, that's half of what it costs now to get a 360 with a hard drive. You do realize that the cheapest way to get a 360 with a hard drive is still the 300 dollar machine, right?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3273d ago

^^^ you do know there is a $200 360 SKU on the market right now don't you? Where else would they go $400? they can only go down and $50 would put it just under %150.

Think dude think

callahan093273d ago

Yeah, 50 dollars would put the ARCADE at under 150. But that doesn't have a hard drive. You clearly said "with a hard drive."

JasonPC360PS3Wii3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

^^^ The arcade will be replaced by the 20gb for gamers wanting Natal.

TotalPS3Fanboy3273d ago

And PS3 is in.
Gameswire is also out, outdated.

Sitdown3273d ago

"Wait until the MW2 bundle bargin shopper gets home and finds out they have to buy a wifi(unless you don't mind drilling holes in your floors to run cables)"

I can safely say that I have owned a 360 since launch, and lived in 3 different residences......and not a single time have I had to drill holes in any floors. Here is a question, do you have wireless cable television? Just wondering how you deal with the nuisance, since you think people will have to drill holes for the 360.

ruiner44823272d ago


Then if you had a 2 story home and the internet is on the opposite floor of the xbox. You would need a whole hell of a lot of cable. And that would be a b!tch to do, the next best option is to run cable through the walls which sucks.

Internet connections have mainly been setup around the computer. If you have a family and the space you have a computer room, and the connection usually went there. Where ever that is anything else that needs a connection must run from there or be connected wirelessly.

Just because your situation doesn't call for it, doesn't mean everyone else is the same. The 360 should have had a wireless connection.

ico923272d ago

but the thing is just like halo odst most of the people that are gonna buy MW2 already own MW

starvinbull3272d ago

Should read "360 will own chrstmas in the USA, just. PS3 will own christmas around the rest of the world significantly."

Real Gambler3272d ago

First, for people who are arguing about Wi-Fi... Do you know that you can get a USB Wi-Fi adapter on Ebay for $10? Built into each consoles, it's probably less than $3.00. Not adding it to the 360 would have been ok if you could use ANY USB adapters or at least third party products, but sadly, this is Microsoft... Sure some people do not need WiFi, but wow, the one that do dearly pay for it!

Two: The author forgot two "little" things when he said: "Even though it doesn’t take into account concerns like paying for Xbox Live, WiFi adapters or Play and Charge kits, just under GBP 200/USD 300 for a console with a handful of games appeals to people’s sense of immediate frugality – no matter how much it ends up costing them down the line." Even if people are "frugal", they may not even be aware of all these added costs, but sure enough, by now, they are scared about the 360 reliability, and they know the PS3 comes with a BluRay. Christmas sales comes from parents buying consoles for their children, and sure enough, they may be easier to convince to spend that much money on a more reliable console that will allow them to watch the odd Bluray movie on their HDtv, rather than thinking they are buying a time-bomb. (Keep in mind that most likely the newer 360 is more reliable, but hey, that's not what they heard!)

MNicholas3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Then again they've always been last in sales. Despite a few good months here and there, the overall average annuals sales of the 360 is actually behind that of the PS3 and the Wii.

It's no wonder some people are trying very hard to keep articles like the following from showing up on the front page of N4G.

BTW: GT5 Prologue >>Forza 3 says Eurogamer's Dgital Foundry

Here it is:

GT5 Prologue wins by a landslide. So much so that the writer apologies not just for saying so but for Turn10 with unfounded speculation about their development priorities.

Copied from another comment:

Forza 3 "compared with GT5 Prologue?

+ Replay mode has slightly better motion blur
+ V-synced to avoid tearing

- GT5P has far more sophisticated lighting
- GT5P in 720P has 4xMSAA (double of Forza 3)
- GT5P in 1080P mode has 50% higher resolution but still has 2xAA
- GT5P is processing twice as many cars
- GT5P has tons of transparencies like dust-clouds
- GT5P has lots of effects (like heat haze) that Forza 3 simply does not"

They missed a few things like the fact that GT5P has interior rendering, etc...

Turns out that in addition to the inferior AF/resolution, half the cars, and all the other short-comings, Forza 3 doesnt even have AF!

Anyone who has played PC games knows the effect turning off AF has on frame-rate.

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UncleJaysus3273d ago

Both the PS3 and the 360 have some strong bundles this year, it's going to be interesting, that's for sure.

Delta3273d ago

More like "360 to get owned Holiday 2009"
By PS3 that is.....

Saaking3273d ago

PS3 or Wii is gonna win. There is ZERO chance for the failbox.

Delta3273d ago

But it never changes ;p
RROD coming this Holiday to a 360 near you.

chrisulloa3273d ago

LOL PS3fantards debating facts

3273d ago
cyborg69713273d ago

nice to see all of these bots and bot sites still live in 07.

Delta3273d ago

HAHAHAH Look at the Bots. Enjoy your RROD for Xmas.

The Tour Man3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

^^^ You can only hope that your precious little xturd doesnt get outsold by the PS3. The gap between the PS3 and 360 is slowly closing in especially after the price cut.

Read this: Although its a forum post, the person raises a good point. If youre expecting the PS3 NOT to surpass the 360 pretty soon (as early as mid 2010), then you need to change your expectations. Be afraid bot.

PlayStation X3273d ago

nice to see you know what 'fact' means =/

Guitarded3273d ago

They complain about someone using a crystal ball to predict future sales. Then they use their own to do the same and receive multiple agrees either way. Then you've got the ones that are so nervous they start damage control now by stating if 360 sells more than PS3, it's because RRoD or Microsoft advertising dollars.

Where is the list of PS3 exclusive games that, judging by sales, no one cares about except droids and reviewers? Keep in mind reviewers are being paid to play a game they didn't pay for on a system they didn't pay for. Their objectivity is out the window. The droids do like to forget that a majority of PS3 games are multi-plat and that the biggest sellers on the PS3 are multi-plat and third party. I do believe 360 and Wii biggest sellers are first party. I'm sure I'll be corrected If i'm mistaken.

You boys need to keep up hope that the price drop sales spike holds up because the games aren't doing it for you.

PlayStation X3273d ago

ps3 has 5 exclusives in there top 10

360 has 4 exclusives in there top 10


callahan093273d ago

I predict that when the NPD comes out for October in a couple of weeks you'll see that the PS3 outsold the 360 by quite a bit. I know Amazon is not the best indicator of trends, but if it's anything at all to go by, then the 360 is in for a world of hurt for October's hardware numbers. The PS3 has been in the top 20 every hour, and has often breached the top 10, whereas the only model of the 360 that has breached the top 50 in October is the Modern Warware 2 bundle, which are all pre-orders for a model that ships in November, and therefore won't even count towards October's numbers. We'll see.

Narutone663272d ago

from the XBL. They must really be desperate to sell more this holiday.

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reintype3273d ago

That's like the 5th Call of Duty to hit this current gen of consoles. If you haven't bought a console by then, I'm sure you wouldn't be buying one now.

I still think the PS3 is going to win this holiday, it's the only console where you can buy MW2, Uncharted 2 and Demon's Souls.

chrisulloa3273d ago

Lol, yeah because 360 doesn't have Forza 3, Halo, and Left 4 Dead 2 for people to buy.

abc12333273d ago

for halo, most fans who already wanted it would have had it so halo shouldnt make THAT much of a difference since its been out for so long.

left 4 dead - quite a lot of people will just get the pc version.

besides, I don't really think forza 3 and left 4 dead 2 (as good games as they are) can stand up to the likes of uncharted 2 or demons souls. but meh, guess its just my opinion

Lord_Ranos3273d ago

Yea Chris all those game you mention are just 60 dollars expansion packs and not true games, and their real names are Flopza 3, Gaylo 3: ODLC, and Left 4 Gays 2.

PlayStation X3273d ago

forza never sold millions tho, it must be a flop!

bububububuu bubububububububububu

DonCorneo3273d ago

Nope. same with mw1.5. those who want it already have a crapbox.. the potential buyer's (the ps2 install base) will go for the ps3.

chrisulloa3273d ago

Console sales would be really low if a lot of people had gaming PC's. So when you say MOST people will buy it on their PC's you mean no one right? So anyways, you guys are really insecure about your console huh? Trying to justify your purchase and only being able to name one AAA anyone cares about. Hahahaha.

abc12333273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

don't need a proper gaming pc to run l4d2. my 5 year old pc can run it ffs. For the holidays, most people will be buying the consoles based on recent releases, you guys have forza 3 and odst (again, most people who wanted halo 3 already have it and i don't understand why someone would buy an actual console for an expansion) and ps3 has uncharted 2 and demon's souls.

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Saaking3273d ago


xcox3273d ago

this is my compassionate laugh, after all, life wouldn't be as fun w/o xb!tches circle jerking off over their long gone glory.

my fellow ps3 fan, be kind with your xb!tch, she's going thru tough times right now xD