GB Face-Off: Gears of War vs Uncharted

"There is no denying that Gears of War and Uncharted have been star AAA new IPs for both Xbox 360 and PS3 respectively. Both titles have created the greatest buzz and have been system sellers. Now we here thought to put these games face to face and see which one is the ultimate King of the Kings. We'll judge both these games under three different scales and the one winning on two of them will be our winner. So without any delay lets start our first ever GB Face-Off."

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gameseveryday3365d ago

Nathan Drake wins this hands down. hes perhaps the best character out there atm

Darkeyes3365d ago

I like Gears frankly speaking... It was the best TPS when it came out, but UC1 changed everything for me... If someone plays Gears for the 1st time without ever playing UC1, then one feels 'ya thats a real [email protected] game', but after playing UC1 and 2 (2 especially), one knows what REAL attention to detail means.. I mean, everything from the dialogs to the presentation is top notch.. You even find an odd pipe at some corner which you would have not looked at otherwise polished to realism.

Gears has probably the best cover system, but in the end it just falls into the category of games like KZ2 which are equally [email protected], but you never feel connected to your character. But UC2 is one real gem where one gets connected to the character, laughs at the jokes and really gets immersed in the game..

But hey, Fanboyism aside I still love Gears.. Probably the 2nd best TPS after UC2.

Saaking3365d ago

UC2 wins in EVERY department

Story, online, gameplay, graphics, animations. There's no doubt about and you'd have to be blind to say Gears is in any way better.

WildArmed3365d ago

Honestly I find Nathan Drake to be the most liked charactered created this gen.
With Nariko tailing his ass :)

So its no competition to me, coz imma Drake fanboy :)

vhero3365d ago

ah but theres a chance gears will be coming to ps3 since Epic did say it was only a 2 game deal and all their other games are non exclusives. Theres no way Uncharted's coming to 360. So pick your winner...

iamtehpwn3365d ago

I feel like I'm controlling an agile Youth when I play as him.
Controlling Marcus is like trying to drive a tank.

mikeslemonade3365d ago

Gears loses in every comparison. The only thing you can argue is if you prefer space marines and a darker grittier theme. The Gears single player is so boring. The multiplayer falls short of UC2.

Greywulf3365d ago

Gears vs Uncharted
Gears vs MGS4
Gears vs Ratchet
Gears vs Resistance
Halo vs Killzone2
Halo vs Resistance
Halo vs MAG

We should have expiration dates on comparisons.

ReviewsArePolitics3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

But teh sales
BTW, whoever wrote this is RETARDED. They take the average of metascores? lmao. The first uncharted didn't have online, but its campaign certainly beats both gears'. The new Uncharted beats both Gears at everything. Seriously, there is NO CONTEST.

Also, Microsoft paid to get Gears reviewed so high. Gears shouldn't even be compared to MGS4 or LBP, scores are hilarious.


Nathan Drake as a character is just annoying.His voice is annoying,his look is annoying. At least the gameplay is there, but drake as a character leaves a lot to be desired- Lara Croft from her first game is more dimensionaland has more personality.
Now Fenix is just as one dimensional as drake but at least FENIX is a bad ass and would curb stomp Drake into goo in a second

WMW3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

if you think drake is 1 dimensional and lara croft isn't your and idiot. the only thing interesting about lara croft is the size of her boobs. marcus fenix is as much of a bad ass as macho man randy savage big hulking idiot with something stuck in his throat. drake is the best character created this gen and just about everyone knows this how you think he is 1 dimensional is beyond me.

@ StanLee
UC2 96 on metacritics
gears of war 2 93 on metacritics
yeah so its not just ps3 fanboys but majority of the gaming industry that thinks UC2 is better.

StanLee3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

Not surprised that with all the PS3 fanboys on N4G that many would claim Uncharted as the better game and you are all entitled to your opinions but the first time I played Gears of War it was truly an engaging, cinematic adventured I could play WITH A FRIEND. Nothing beats the 8 hours my friend I sat playing Gears of War on my couch when it was released. I had just bought an 42" HDTV and it was truly this generations defining moment for me. The second was even more engaging. Everyone always comments on how great Uncharted look and uses Gears of War as it's main comparison but Gears of War was developed to run SPLITSCREEN and it looks freaking amazing.

Edit @ WMW

Let me put it this way; if Gears of War looked like Left 4 Dead and offered the same experience, gameplay and story it would have still received relatively the same scores. Had Uncharted 2 looked like Left 4 Dead and offered the same gameplay experience and story, it would not have received the same scores. Uncharted 2 benefits from being this generations best looking game but it's unoriginal and derivative. For me, nothing beats that feeling of being able to share a climatic, cinematic experience with a friend. Coop is almost a given in today's games but before Gears of War, it had never been implemented so well with as many options to play together and share the experience. I'm certain I'll get many disagrees but then again, what's new? It is what it is.

@ jammy_70

You're an idiot. Which game is better than which is a matter of opinion.

jammy_703365d ago

any1 who disagrees is a 360 fanboy and sucks lol

StanLee3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

My God, the puedo-gaming media is laughable at best. For Overall package, they give it to Uncharted 2 becuase of graphics? Really? When Gears of War allows you to share the campaign experience with a friend cooperatively splitscreen, online and system linked?! WOW! Absolutely retarded. Gears of War offers more than Uncharted does hands down. You can prefer Uncharted's graphics, you may even prefer it's story and the franchise has finally added cooperative play and multiplayer, all of which Gears of War has had and still Gears of War offers the ability to play the game's climatic campaign cooperatively.

Microsoft Xbox 3603365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

Gears of War 2 Multiplayer was horrid and broken.
Gears of War 2 Single player was bland.

The only thing that was pretty good was the co-op campaign. But still thats not saying much as most co-op campaigns are great because the fun is playing along with a friend, not the story.

Uncharted 2 on the other hand was epic in all areas.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

90% of N4G users have better writing and grammar than the guy who wrote this article! What a joke!

Here's some example of the article's poor writing/grammar:

"This dude defines the word bad-ass, literally."

- "Bad-ass" is two words.

"And when he goes out of ammo…then that becomes a nightmare for locusts coz that means CHAINSAW time."

- "Goes out of ammo"? "coz"? Nice wording there, NOT! Also, it should be "the Locust".

"One of the most awesome oh-snap moments this generation right there."

- "oh-snap" should be in quotations and although the wording is acceptable, it could be better.

"He’ll come at you from places, of which you’ll have no idea."

- There shouldn't be a comma between "places" and "which".

"Although both characters are my personal favorites. But when it comes to intense level of bad-ass-ness, combined with sheer level of believability and sense of charm-ness, Nathan Drake gets our nod."

- There shouldn't be a period between "favorites" and "but" and "charm-ness" should just be "charm".

"Gears of War was the most hyped Xbox 360 title back in 2006, when it was first released. And it lived up to all the expectations."

- There shouldn't be a period between "released" and "And".

"Uncharted was also a much hyped PS3 exclusive. And it didn’t disappoint either."

- There shouldn't be a period between "exclusive" and "And".

"Everything from high resolution textures to high polygonal characters models was amazing. And it raised the bar again"

- AGAIN, "And" shouldn't start a new sentence in cases like this! You can start a sentence with "And" in certain cases, but this are not one of them!

"Both Gears of War titles have also sold above 11M combined, till date."

- "till date"?

"there is no doubt its highly unlikely that it will outsell Gears."

- "no doubt" means that you're 100% sure, while "unlikely" means that you're pretty sure but not 100% sure. So, how is something "no doubt" and "unlikely" at the same time?

"Although Uncharted 2 released almost a year after Gears 2 so it’s a bit unfair to compare them in terms of visuals but what Naught Dog was able to pull off"

- Instead of "so" there should be a comma.

Not to mention they put "its" instead of "it's" when referring to something GeoW owns, forgot to put "the" in certain places, put just "a" where "an" was needed, didn't use commas where they were needed, and used poor wording overall. Gotta love gaming journalism...

sikbeta3365d ago

Face of Nate after reading the article:

WMW3365d ago

give it a rest kid UC2 is the game majority of people prefer. you sound so desperate to defend gears that i'm embarrassed for you who really has ever considered gears cinematic no one but it is always said for UC2. UC2 is unoriginal lol yeah space marines and aliens have never been done before right? UC2 got its scores because people liked it here are some quotes "it is without question the best game the genre has seen in a very long time." "The attention to detail is beyond compare." "best single-player game I have ever played" "No, Uncharted 2 is not perfect, but it's closer than pretty much any other game out there these days" "Forget Game of The Year. This is one of the greatest games of all time!" "Uncharted 2 combines all the qualities you can find in a videogame, and more! A new milestone has been reached in the videogame history." gears never got praise like that so please just stfu.

StanLee3365d ago

More fanboy hyperbole. I remember reading much of the same comments about GTAIV. A game many claimed after the fact was overrated, which it in fact is. Uncharted 2 is unoriginal. Gears of War is one of the most cinematic games with excellent set pieces and pacing all while accommodating cooperative play. But I know what you'll say, "Bu . . . bu . . . Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 bestesterest graphics ever". Yeah, let me see any of these games render the details splitscreen. Fanboys always whine about how underwhelming Halo 3's graphics are. You know what, it accommodates 4 players splitscreen. I love my PS3, I love my XBox 360, both offer great games but don't I hate it when fanboys like you try to take away from what the games on the XBox 360 offer.

pixelsword3365d ago

Drake is very likable with an actual personality.

Marcus is a grunting animal that kills all too well.

Either way, I'm shooting something and smiling.

WMW3365d ago

the funny thing is the quotes i posted don't even mention graphics they were talking about the gameplay. gears cinematic with amazing set pieces and pacing lol i hope you work for epic because if you aren't getting paid to say that you clearly have bad taste let me guess transformers 2 is a cinematic masterpiece because it has giant robots and explosions. gears is the most cheesy childish game made with all the unnecessary swearing, stereotypical characters, the level of gore, the super buff characters who try to hard to be tough its all stupid only a 12 year old would think thats cool. and you keep bringing up split screen as if that makes gears any better it still has stiff animations, bad textures, horrible writing, laughable voice acting, and an unbelievable number of technical problems. but hey not everyone knows quality thats why you love one of the most poorly made games on the most poorly made console lie to yourself all you want gears is nowhere near as good as UC2 graphically or gameplay wise.

StanLee3365d ago

*Sigh* Why do I keep coming to this fanboy haven? Dude, you're a fanboy and a moron. Kudos to you.

WMW3365d ago

yeah i'm a fanboy and a moron yet you couldn't back up any of your claims next time keep your mouth shut if you don't have anything smart to say or don't have anything to prove your point retard.

jjohan353365d ago

Gears of War franchise died in my heart when they released Gears of War 2. Sorry, but it was waaaay too buggy even to this day on multiplayer. It never lived up to the first Gears of War.

The Uncharted franchise improved, not regressed, to epic proportions.

lightningsax3365d ago

@Xboxavatarsshoe - That's what I thought also. I prefer Uncharted over Gears, definitely, but this was a substance-less article about nothing. The only news here is that GB needs an editor - if they already have one, they need to boot him/her immediately.

mal_tez923364d ago

If you take Gears, add a good story, add good character, add better animation, add a better camera and controls, add puzzles and add platforming then you get Uncharted.

Gears seems to be really Uncharted without half of its features. However, Uncharted 1 had no multiplayer which really let it down for a lot of people. Not for me though, I played Drake's Fortune through over 30 times.

mastiffchild3364d ago

I've never seen the big reason for comparing Uncharted and Gears as the games both look and play VERY differently. The first Gears was a great game and a shock to the 360 system showing what was really possible with the UE rather than the slew of average looking games we often wade through. It was dumb-clever and a real rush to play, it was somethiong that 360 heads could be truly proud of after some early promises about the HD quality of the games started to get badly broken and it solfd accordingly.

Sure, Epic and MS REALLY pushed it and with the Halo fan heavy masses on 360 it was ALWAYS going to be a seller-and it merited those sales with it's quality. Thing is , though, having played Gears I NEVER thought of it when playing DF when that came out. I just diodn't see many similarities. Whereas Gears was dark DF was light and bright, where Gears was a head on charge DF's gunplay was more thoughtful, more nervy. Then there was the puzzles in DF absent from Gears and Nate had some reaal characters surrounding him whereas the Gears world was somewhere we basically just mixed with Marcus' fellow meatheads-not saying that's bad or wrong as Nate wouldn't work in Gears just as Marcus would be laughable in Uncharted. There's also little depth to the story in Gears and the two scripts couldn't be more different-being honest I couldn't say how good or bad the acting is in Gears as there's just little there to test it but DF was carried by the script telling the bulk of a more complex story.

I, personally, think that at both the first and second game stage ND did a more expansive job than Epic technically-their engine can just pull off a little more than Epic's, imo, esp for the platform it's on. That said there wasn't need for all of what ND did in DF in Gears darker environmentsso , again, the comparison point is moot as we must wonder if Epic even tried some of these things. Why would they if they wouldn't really add to what they wanted?

Where I think we can compare the series is in how far they moved forward with the second installment and that's where ND really win for me. U2 does practically everythin better than the first game -pushes the hardware harder while adding a great MP and length to a single player campaign where practcally every minor niggle from DF was fixed up. Gears2, on the other hand, added very little and , to me at least, wasn't as good an all ropund game as the first was. It was still a fantastic game and another rush to play-esp in co-op-but it just didn't improve all round on the first game like U2 did. The technical mess of the multi player is also something that you would have imagined should have hurt it's reviews WAY more than it did as for such a high profile release to never really get that fixed is scandalous, imo. A few more enemies onscreen and a few bigger backdrops didn't add up to the dame level of improvement as that managed by ND. We, also, saw very little in the way of character developmet from Marcus and Co-with the Dom subplot being hamfisted all the way through, which was, imo, a chance for some depth badly missed.

So while Gears only players may like to point to sales the Uncharted brigade can point to a host of artistic and technical advances in code and acting /writing that Gears cannot compete with right now. That Gears remains a blast to play is undeniable and with U2 so fresh in the memory we're all aware just how great that game is too. However, they aren't THAT similar to warrant the constant comparisons in my eyes.

@stanlee-fella, there's nothing wrong with preferring Gears. It's a matter of taste and they're BOTH amazing series or games. I can't agree that Gears is a more cinematic experience, mind, as some of the camera work and expansive backgrounds in U1 and 2 are exactly what I think of as cinematic in games and while there's some of that in Epic's series I'd argue that Uncharted is a little more filmic overall-and neither game are particularly original now are they? We all know Gears is built on the cover system they stole from Kill/Switch and without Indy and Lara I doubt ND would have made Nate to start with.

Anyway, I don't think this is a place to call people out as deluded fanboys when preferring either game is fair enough and the comparisons aren't that relevant in any case-you can add the importance of humour to Uncharted and not Gears and the importance of inventive weaoponry to Gears that the more real world scenarios of U! and 2 didn't call for. I could list reasons all day why there aren't many reasons for comparison but you get the point.

Great games though and both, for their consoles, kind of sum up the kind of thing we expected from the current generation. Crap article too, byw, and one of the worst pieces of writing, technically, that it's been my misfortune to read.

Apologies for any typos-sticky keyboard again!

STREET x KING3364d ago

I prefer gears, it has some of the best gameplay i have experienced. Uncharted is super awesome but i just like gears gameplay way more.

Sarcasm3364d ago

I'm a Gears of War fan quite simply because it blew my mind the first time I played it. Gears of War 2 was good but I felt it didn't have the same impact as the first.

Uncharted on the other hand was an amazing experience mostly because of the cinematic qualities. It wasn't perfect, had no multiplayer, but that didn't matter considering I've put probably over 100 hours beating it over and over and still enjoy it every time.

Uncharted 2 on the other hand, words cannot describe it. It's in its own league at the moment. GoWIII is probably the only action title that will sit right next to it.

Xgamerzus3364d ago

Whats up with is this old arse Sh!T???

comparing 2 old games????
How about comparing Gears 2 with Uncharted 2 graphics all out battle of technology and game design story voice acting im talking the latest iterations of these games.

MNicholas3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Obviously Uncharted more advanced visuals but the gameplay isn't for everyone. I really don't care much for shooters so I wouldn't play either game.

Digital Foundry put up a Forza 3 vs GT5 Prologue comparison.

GT5 Prologue wins by a landslide. So much so that the writer apologies not just for saying so but for Turn10 with unfounded speculation about their development priorities.

Turns out that Forza 3 doesn't even have AF enabled.

frostypants3364d ago

@1.16, welcome to my personal hell. I've been noticing GamingBolt's "engrish"-like articles for quite some time now. N4G needs to crack down on this kind of laziness. I refuse to refer to this as "journalism". It's just some kid writing on his father's computer.

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williamkenny3365d ago

I vote Uncharted. Better graphics, better story...Gears of War is good too though. Plenty of gore.

MNicholas3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Digital Foundry just released their analysis:

Assassin Nawabi3365d ago

yo uncharted gets all the love

williamkenny3365d ago

Im not surprised. Gears of War is 3 years old.

Assassin Nawabi3365d ago

3 years old??? gears 2 released last year mate

williamkenny3365d ago

I was talking about the original gears; thats what the comparison is made to mostly in the article.

Saaking3365d ago

Yea and UC is 2 years old. UC is better than Gears imo.

Raf1k13365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

It doesn't matter how old a game is. Great games stand the test of time. Three years from now U2 will still be an amazing game to play and will probably not look dated either which is a huge plus.

edit: I picked up Diablo 2 after Diablo 3 was announced and I've got to say, the game is just so good. I can't believe I didn't play it until recently.

WMW3365d ago

actually he never really said if he was talking about the 1st or 2nd one for either game. plus if he was talking about the 1st gears vs UC2 that is to help gears because gears 2 was complete trash. UC has always been the better game in graphics, story and gameplay(epic even admitted to making the main part of gears the cover system more like UC) the only place gears beats UC is sales.

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gameseveryday3365d ago

Uncharted 2 is perhaps the best game not only of 2009 but the game of the generation, no wonder its getting all the love :)

williamkenny3365d ago

Yep, I would definately agree with Uncharted being the best game this gen. Period.

boodybandit3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

IMHO - UC2 > better than any game released (so far) this generation.

kingdavid3365d ago

IMHO its not. Great game, yes. Full of action and excitement, yes. Original and a fresh experience? No..

I cant help but feel ive played alot of it before.

Mass Effect, bioshock and mgs 4 > uncharted 2

frostypants3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

From a graphics and production standpoint, Uncharted 2 is my best. My top for gameplay is Demon's Souls. The ways they implemented online play into it while still maintaining the single-player feel, the "tendency" system, etc. make it the most innovative game this gen, IMHO. It doesn't feel like anything else ever made.

Anyways, with those two games, plus MW2 coming soon, I'm afraid my PS3 is going to melt...

@4.3: Bioshock? Really? It felt like every run-of-the-mill FPS made in the last 15 years to me. It was kind of pretty, but the atmosphere never really gave me any sense of dread, which was supposedly the entire point. The story was predictable, especially if you had already read Ayn Rand's work. It paled in comparison to the System Shock games.

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LostDjinn3365d ago

"Final Verdict: Uncharted wins Hands-Down!!!"
Can we get back to 2009 now or would you guys at gamingbolt prefer to wait till 2010 before talking about 2009?

WildArmed3365d ago

yeah stewie! You tell em!

GeOW2 vs U2 would be a more legit comparision...
since they fall in the same genre..
unlike R2 vs GeOW2 we had last year -.-

kingdavid3365d ago

They are actually talking about both as a series as a whole. Did you actually read it?