360's Project Natal vs. PS3's "Wand" Motion Controller

Kombo: With E3 far in our rear view it's time for the post-trauma to begin! What's the most controversial topic on everyone's mind? The new motion control systems for the 360 and the PS3. I'll tell you what I liked about both control systems, and I invite you to do the same in the comments. Let's keep this (mostly) civil, guys!

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sinncross3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I personally sway towards the PS3 'Sphere' because:

1) There was a load of various tech demos shown at E3.
2) The GDC developer vid showed small snippets of games in development, including enhancements of some tech demos from E3.
3) TGS showed that older titles would be patched, including LittleBigPlanet and that launch titles had been devised including a new Ape Escape.
4) Being similar in design to the Wii remote shows that the 'Sphere' has applicability from the get go, with RE5: Alternative Edition being evident of this.
5) Other third party developers besides Capcom are showing interest, with EA putting the 'Sphere' to use in Grand Slam Tennis, and Konami into next year's Pro Evo Soccer.
6) Sony have stated that they don't want the controller to be used only for casual experiences but for traditional gaming as well.

This is not to say that I think the Natal is useless; I think it will have applicability though there is little in tangible information or evidence of how it is going to be used effectively.

zootang3274d ago

Well said. Natal looks good but it hasn't shown anything that the ps eye can't do

Saaking3274d ago

The wand is much more precise and can be used for more types of games.


TotalPS3Fanboy3274d ago

I rather go with PS3 Motion Controller since PS3 Motion Controller is actually Natal (EyeToy) + Motion Wand.

Sarcasm3274d ago

I'm going to "Try" Natal but I don't think I'm sold on it yet.

Go ahead 360 kids, call me a PS3 fanboy.

As for the PS3 wand, meh. I got bored of the Wii so unless Sony does something new with it, I'm not going to get it.

vhero3274d ago

Wand wins mainly because
a) the PSeye can do anything the NATAL can do so the comparison is pointless. This leads to...
b) everything the wand can do!

Darkeyes3274d ago

The one major advantage the wand has over Natal is Backward compatibility... It matters a lot in this case... Firstly, it doesn't need a 'KILLER APP' at launch to grab much attention since Sony could just make games like KZ2 or UC2 compatible with it and just rerelease it bundled....

The next main point is accuracy and physical buttons.... How on earth do you play a shooter with Natal is beyond me. And judging the fact that 90% of 360 owners are shooter fans, this thing might get a backlash if it only supports casual games...

And lastly timing... PS3 wand will be out earlier.... now if the rumors are true and if Wii 2 lands late next year, then 360 can bid the casuals goodbye since they will just flock on to the Wii 2....

Either could fail, but IMHO I would much rather have the PS wand in my Hand than Natal since at least I will be able to play hardcore games with it...

ico923274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

im only gonna sway to the ps wand because of the new resident evil game alternative whatever its called if they can make some games compatible with it via update's (like killzone 2)i might have more of a reason to buy

Microsoft Xbox 3603274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

PS3's motion controller is all about accuracy with the quickest control input that is why it will succeed.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I see Natal if better than the PlayStation Eye being the upgraded version to it, but Sony said that what they learned from the PlayStation Eye is that some experiences need buttons. So I'm wondering with the consideration of the delay time with Natal - if not fixed by the release date - how will they over come experiences that require buttons (replacing the controller), contrary to Sony's Wand being so precise appeals to me more so at the moment because it's filling in the gaps that a controller can't do and not replicating it through a new experience?


Who is going to buy a device to replace their current controller - which mine is working just fine - over a device that fills in the gaps that a controller can't do?

mastiffchild3274d ago

Where's the controversy? Maybe IF we'd had our mitts on the pair of 'em we MIGHT be able to jugde and opinions MIGHT be worth something. From what WE have seen Natal and esp Milo wasn't EVEN demoed properly and they couldn't get the scripted stuff they did do correct! Excuse me for not wanting to believe thje "behind closed doors" press junkets MS held are any more reliable than what they showed us-why wouldn't they wow everyone if it worked so well at the time?

And yes, the Sony wands DID look more ,like they worked BUT without a "nunchuck" type analogue solution they're dead vefore they even release. NOBODY is going to buy into using a sixaxis/DS3 in one hand as the answer to getting around a gameworld as it's unweildy, uncomfy, kids jus won't be able to use them and it looks like fekkin' amateur hour to the max!

So, to me, right now the controversy hinges on whether either is even thought out properly and if they're BOTH rushing a load of ill conceived crap to market. Don't start me on Milo looking like a grooming sim either-and no, no dildo jokes.

Can't see either if them being as crappy as they look now when they reach the market but, persoally, I've got a lot of reservations abut how both systems will fill their remit with extra controllers AND whether either can perform the things they reckon they will be able to-remember we've ALREADY een through drastiv disappointment with the Wii as even now with M+ there's still no great FPS or 1:1 lightsaber duel available or even possible on that console and the Revolution did really promise that. So I'd just wait and see-and even then it isn't the end of the control [pad as most of us just don't want motion alone-if, for many at all.

SL1M DADDY3274d ago

I have no interest in motion controls but the Wand seems so much more precise. If you want motion controls, the wand and its sheer precision is where it is at.

ReservoirDog3163274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I honestly don't care for either (or is it neither?). Give me a controller over this gimmicky stuff anyday.

But if I had to pick one, I'd say the wand cause
a) I kinda like the Wii and it's similar
b) That demo of the sword with skeletons walking towards you was kinda cool
c) Though it will be embarrassing to play both, natal looks way more embarrassing
d) That LBP wand demo won me over.

But like I said, give me a controller anyday over this.

edit: @ mastiffchild

I know what you mean about the dualshock in one hand and the wand in another but what if the dualshock was held differently? What if instead of holding it so it makes a downward arch (kinda like this symbol ^), it was held so it made a arch towards the left (kinda like this symbol >). It'd be kinda like the Wii which works pretty well I think.

It's actually kinda comfortable that wayI think. Sorry if I made absolutely no sense.

Ravage273274d ago

and Sony's motion wand is the only one that have the potential and accuracy to make my dream come true.

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Saaking3274d ago

Neither for me, I'll stick to the good old DS3.

Sunny_D3274d ago

Can I get a HELLZ yeah!

Obama3274d ago

Same here. Neither the wand nor project anal attract me.

AngryTypingGuy3273d ago

I actually agree, I'd rather use the controller any day of the week. Although, if they make shooters where Natal is a supplement to the controller that would be cool. For example, if I could tilt my head to the side to peak around a corner or move my hand in a throwing motion to toss a grenade, that would be great. But first and foremost, I would like to stick with the controller.

Mike134nl3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

It has received some good media attention. It offers a large amount of new possibilities and is supported by a large number of developpers.

Microsoft promised that they would treat the launch of natals the same way they would as the launch of a new console (game and media wise).

Also from what I have understood Microsoft will package natal with their xbox 360, if Sony won't do the same for their wand there won't be much competition (sales/install base wise).

vhero3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

no point in releasing it with the console this late in the consoles life especially now sales are a lot lower than they used to be. The only people buying 360s now are pirates whos 360 have died (as they obviously have no warranty.) and people who don't know any better.

ABizzel13274d ago

This doesn't make any kind of sense. Just because they like Natal better they got disagrees. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. This is why it's hard for people to enjoy this site, because of bums that have nothing better to do than search for opposing views and disagree or bubble steal.

I like the PS3 better than the 360, but I'm more interested in NATAL as well, because I know what the Sony motion controller is going to be. It's a Wiimote with 1:1 tracking so a lot of Wii games should be making their way over to the PS3 now or at least to PSN. However, NATAL does seem to be nothing more than a multiplayer PS Eye, so I want to see what MS is going to do to differentiate itself from the competition.

Stop being fanboys all your life and be a gamer.

Sunny_D3274d ago

I just want a good ol precise Jedi lightsaber game for the PS wand and I'll be a happy camper.

TheTeam063274d ago

I wouldn't really call Natal a "motion controller". It's more of a "Mo-Cap Camera", similar to the PS Eye.

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