Petition: Make Haze a PS3 exclusive

Sony ps3 fans request haze to be Exclusive. Now, the reasons for his request for exclusivity seem a bit weak. They believe that it has to be an exclusive if it is to become a Halo 3 killer. Additional reasons that he points to are Blu-Ray, which holds 50GB of data, and the PS3's processing power. They are afraid that it might be dumbed down due to the 10GB constraints of the Xbox 360 and PC.

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dont no why peeps care lol we have a almost a whole year of it.

we dont no the out come yet so
good luck.

XboxOZ3604578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

The thing many seem to forget ie, that Haze was being developed for the 360 "before" they began work on the PS3 title, there's been playable code out for 360 for some time at various Xbox360 mags throughout the world. There's been previews of the game on the 360 for some time now, and as Free Radicals exec said yesterday, the game IS coming to the 360 and PC, no matter what stories have leaked through the internet-romour-mill.

The only thing about Haze that differs from each version, is that due to a very high number of games coming out in that period from Ubi,around 6 or so, including a HUGE Beta release of Tom Clancy's: EndWar in early November, and several of those games being Xbox360 exclusives btw, they have decided to drop the PS3 version on the shelves first, then follow with the Xbox360 and PC versions at or just after christmas . . .

All of which makes perfect financial sense to anyone that has run or runs a decent business. It's almost as bad as the petition demanding that Sony drop the price of the PS3 - or else . . . Or else . . .?! Yeah right, they are having troubles making money at the moment, loosing $US1.3 billion last quarter '06, and $US1.9 bil 1st quarter '07 from their gaming divison alone . . . . sure, they'll drop the price because you said "or else" . . . yeah right . . . . wake up "Sony-FanKids" . . . and grow up as well while you're at it, it could help.

Try reading some facts around the net, rather than the rumour mills . . . you'll learn more.

FreeMonk4578d ago

One word springs to my mind about all the Sony Fanboys! DESPERATE!!

How desperate do you have to be to make up and actually sign a petetion to make a game an exclusive!!!

If I was a Sony Fanboy I'd be signing a petition to make sure MGS4 stays a PS3 exclusive! Rumors and more rumours keep spilling out that it will at some point arrive on the X360, which if it does, will put further damage to the PS3.

And before Fanboys start screaming "MGS4 IS EXCLUSIVE, IT'S NOT COMING TO THE CRAPBOX360", remember what happened with Devil May Cry 4 and Virtua Fighter 5 and Assassins Creed!

All Fanboys were screaming that these 3 titles were EXCLUSIVE to the PS3 and wouldn't see the light of day on the X360, and what happened there???

The Russian site who announced the correct details that these would come to the X360, and also the correct date for Halo 3 has just announced that they've got info that MGS4 is coming to the X360 in Nov ' going on past experiences, it could be coming to the X360!!

If this is actually true, take into account that by the time it gets released on the PS3 in the US and Europe it'll be later than March (March is the release date for Japan) due to the delay that always happens, November will be nearer for the X360 to the PS3 release!

That's if it's true of course!

Start signing a petition for MGS4, not Haze!

cuco334578d ago

but these petitions and fanboy articles are STUPID AS F*CK!!!

how many of u d*ckriders love swallowing your brand loyalty loads? huh?! u must love gargling that jizz in your pubecent mouths

lets get this straight once and for all... if a game is exclusive, cool for those brand c*ck smugglers but at the end of the day, the other camp will have something you envy u wish u had

want to know how to be on both sides? get both systems!!! or is your mommy too f*ckin broke to pay for it? maybe she should dress a lil sluttier on the corner

you guys, and this site, amazes me with the comments you post and the actions u make. instead of praising developer's work it comes down to the saying 'u damned if u do and u damned if u dont'
no matter how kick ass the game is, someone is always willing to degrade it with petitions, comparisons or analysis of why its better/worse than the next system's leading competitor

f*ckin children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you and you alone will ruin gaming, since it's clear 1 person states evidenced backed opinion and everyone with the bleach smell in their mouths spin it their ways

congrads... maybe u should look for a girl instead of trying to prove how 2% superior your system/game is compared to your "opponent"

candystop4578d ago

It's a sad day for gaming when things go this far! Haze looks great and should sell well even though it's not exclusive!

UrbanJabroni4578d ago wrong with these people? I can at least "understand" a petition to make an exclusive go multi-platform, but this petition is at the very core of what is wrong with the 14 year old fanboys.

TheMART4578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

OMG Sony fanboys are really pathetic.

I've seen some petitions come around. About what again?

Boycot on Capcom over DMC4

And wasn't there one for Bioshock?
Jees really. How old is the average PS owner with starting those childish petitions?

I know what petition they should start:

To ask Sony to drop price and get more 1st party content. The only reason of getting Haze exclusive, is because they're scared for the 360 and Halo 3 probably


@ dodgefate (below)

I have ONE account and ONE account only. I don't care if I have 5 bubbles or just one, I'll keep editing that one

TehMart is a FAKE. There is only one real MART and that's me

@ kamakazi

"gain a bubble lose a bubble, thats mart for ya."

Thats also what's happening to yourself dude, isn't it? I'll take you to the one bubble fun dude, with pleasure!

@ Rockstar (below)

Do I scare you that much dude with the truth? I know, reality is hard...

dodgefate4578d ago

Hmm.. 400+ for xbox wanting everything so stop mart

Rockstar4578d ago

Hear me out on this one.....

Petition to have TheMART silenced.

Who's with me?

Shake4578d ago

On your link,if you search ps3 you still get a hell lot of petitions for the playstation 3 fanboys wanting everything

WilliamRLBaker4578d ago

you used xbox as your search term, that includes xbox and xbox 360.

see what i get when i use Playstation?

Oh and a majority of the petitions are for dvix support, KB/M support, your comparing that to a petition to make a game exclusive? lol

kamakazi4578d ago

gain a bubble lose a bubble, thats mart for ya.

Expy4578d ago

Nobody should be afraid of Halo 3, it's not a factor for non-360 gamers.

PS360PCROCKS4578d ago

I love you all. Your hilarious. You all hate themart yet every comment he makes you all comment on it. I guess none of you realize that he knows everything he says gets under your skin your only fueling the fire...

BubblesDAVERAGE4578d ago

PS# is such a good system it deserves more exclusives like this. The xbox is not up to par with the ps3

The Snake4578d ago

When searching through WilliamRLBaker's page of Playstation petitions I found this one.


That is easily the funniest petition on the list.

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fenderputty4578d ago

even though they represent the a minority of us, it gives people like marty here ammo.