Impulse Gamer: NBA 2K10 Review

Impulse Gamer writes: "EA's attempt to monopolize the sporting games industry has mostly been met with white flags from other developers. While sports games were once everywhere from numerous developers, EA's money, power and better games have wiped them off the landscape. There are a few proud hold outs though, Virtua Tennis is one, but mainly because EA hasn't sunk their Scrooge McDuck worthy amounts of cash into developing a tennis game. Pro Evolution Soccer is another, the game that many football purists once used to vouch for, but FIFA far outsells it and is now gaining the upper hand with the critics too. This leaves us with the NBA 2K series, which has held firm for ten years now. The reasons for this are apparent as soon as the game loads. As NBA 2K10 plays a damn good game of basketball."

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