WQAD Review: 'Psychonauts'

Mention the words "Tim Schafer" around most gamers, stand back, and let the slack-jawed reverie ensue.

Tim is a god among the hardcore. He's one of the few bona fide auteurs in our medium, a man who has done the unthinkable: He makes the kinds of games that he wants to make.

They're angsty. They're chatty. They're unafraid to deal with issues like existentialism and nihilism.

He's gaming's Woody Allen.

Critics adore him. Yet the "Call of Duty"/"Halo"-loving public, by and large, is indifferent. His games typically don't sell well. But you can't argue with the fact that, during a time of rampant focus-group testing, when games are being streamlined and dumbed-down to appeal to the maximum number of people possible, including your parents, Tim Schafer is a most welcome aberration.

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