GamersTemple: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Review

GamerTemple writes: "Let's be honest with each other - the first Grand Theft Auto was a terrible, terrible game. Even on the PS1, the presentation was terrible, the controls were inoperable and the mayhem one could commit - killing police officers, crashing cars and killing hookers - was the game's only real draw and memorable quality. Eventually GTA3 hit the PS2 and cemented the series in the video game history books, but neither that game, nor the critically lauded sequels, ever managed to win me over. The first GTA game I ever found myself actually enjoying was GTA: Chinatown Wars on the DS. The top down view, similar to the absolutely awful original GTA, worked much better when the goals were clear and the controls, you know, actually CONTROLLED the game. Now that title has been polished up and ported over to Sony's PSP, and the result is a similar, though somehow slightly less novel, ticket to ride in the streets of Liberty City."

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