PEOWW: Borderlands Review

First Person Shooters are a staple of videogames without a doubt, and although you may think there's only so many ways you can wander around an area killing things, great innovations, improvements and immersion has been injected into the genre in the last few years alone. Whether it's Armin Shimerman or a nice Irish bloke asking you to kindly do things, or perhaps Craig Fairbrass helping you shoot Johnny Foreigner there's been more than a few FPS's that manage to stand out in the endless sea and even bring something new to the table. Granted the idea of RPG elements in an FPS has been touched on in the past and again more recently with Fallout 3, but can Borderlands gameplay compete with, and succeed solely as a FPS, without the need for a VATS style aiming system. Hint, yes it can.

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