Interplay Fires Back At Bethesda Over Fallout MMO Licensing

Original Fallout IP owner and current licensee Interplay has filed a counterclaim accusing current Fallout owner Bethesda for breach of contract, claiming that Interplay's own Fallout MMO has a playable demo -- indicating production status -- and that Bethesda tried to grant Fallout MMO rights to sister company ZeniMax Online.

Interplay, which sold the rights of the venerable PC-derived Fallout series to Bethesda in 2007 for $5.75 million, alleged in an October 16 court filing that Bethesda breached the Fallout series asset purchase agreement -- the same allegation that Bethesda put to Interplay.

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AngryAmoeba3277d ago

what a legal clusterf*ck.

fire233277d ago

Well atleast we know that one is coming for sure..., but also its terrible to see stuff like this happen because the devs probably have worked a good bit.

Towers763277d ago

What a mess! I had read snippets of the issues between Interplay and Bethesda but after having read all that we may not see that Fallout MMO anytime soon. Which is a shame because it's the perfect setting for an MMO. Just think about all the ways that the universe can be expanded and the different classes you could have. I wonder if there's any hope of the two sides reaching an agreement and possibly working together.

Cajun Chicken3277d ago

Despite Fallout3 being a very good game, I feel sorry for Interplay because the Fallout rights saved their skins from still being in the red.
I was never into the Fallout games by Interplay but I'm much more familiar with the titles by Shiny whom Interplay published. As far as I can see, I can see Bethesda being a bully and pressuring a company that barely came back from the dead.
Bethesda should of offered a much more sensible purchase deal which allowed Interplay to have the rights for purely for ONE Fallout game because they did create everything in the Fallout world and they were supposedly planning this game before MMORPGS took off in the late 90s.

On the other hand, Interplay should of also been focusing on IPs such as Earthworm Jim, MDK and Descent that they own instead.

To sum it up. Interplay got ripped off, because ironically, selling the rights to Fallout brought them back as a very limited company and now the purchaser is trying to put them down just as they pawn their most prized possession.