Finding tough networking checkpoints in Borderlands?

Gamer Limit writes "It's no secret that Borderlands has had a reasonably rough week. Bugs, botched releases, patching problems and various other issues have plagued the little FPSRPG that could, with now buzz across social networks and the blogosphere showing upset in 2K Games's choice of Gamespy for matchmaking."

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jFND903278d ago

Great game, laggy online.

syvergy3278d ago

Thank god for the alternative, I hate gamespy.

jjesso19933278d ago

mint game completed it and i ended up being level 50 after last bit dont have xbox live so cant judge online

chaserooniman3277d ago

I just hope this fixes some of the experience bugs and makes it easier to use the shotgun. Teleporting enemies are hard to hit.

FantasyStar3277d ago

I never had a hard time with this game. All of my online matched were between local friends and the "bullet lag" IS intentional and not a form of lag.

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