God of War III demo performance analysis

The Digital Foundry blog at Eurogamer analyze the performance of the GoW 3 demo:

"Overall though, small quibbles aside, this demo is great stuff, and the timing of its release just weeks before the US demo is released as part of the God of War Collection is curious. Will this self-same E3 demo be the same sampler included as a PSN redeem code within the package? Has Europe actually had the "exclusive" here? "

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TOO PAWNED3275d ago

This is pointless, when you start demo, there are huge letters all over the screen that tell you this is old build and to not judge this unfinished product, something along those lines.
So why comment framerate etc when they so nicely inform your stupid ignorant a22 not to judge game, but you still go on and write pointless troll article to gain hits...

Fishy Fingers3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Well up until this point no ones been able to have such hands on time with any build, so while it's old it's still interesting to hear the ins and outs of how it performs. Personally I found the article quite interesting, more so than the sales orientated stuff that seems to fill N4G.

Don't see how it's a "troll article", what ever that maybe.

Plus, the walkthrough/gameplay video is one of the better quality ones I've seen, yeah its the same but at least he aint dying or messing up. 40+ hit combos and the like.

andron3275d ago

This is the "old" E3 demo as they mention several times, and the game isn't out until march next year.

A serious look at the technical side of a demo is hardly flame bait. DF seems to be impressed with the graphics and are looking forward to the full game. So am I...

Kimbo Slice3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

.. @below..calm down i was asking a question because i only ever see the ps3 performance articles on n4g,glad to know they do all games

gow3 looks awesome

andron3275d ago

Seriously? Check the recent DF blog entries, they have just done a Left 4 Dead demo analysis and a Forza Tech retro article...

ballsofsteel3275d ago

considering it runs on an average of around 38fps and it only dips as low as 28 i'd say thats pretty impressive especially considering that it's the E3 build and the game the game will runs better when it launches

andron3275d ago

The article wonders why the demo isn't frame locked at 30 fps. The average was 36 fps so that wouldn't be a problem...

Saaking3275d ago

The demo is NOT representative of the full game. This article = useless.

Christopher3275d ago

This demo speaks to how even at the demo level they're doing a good job at working towards at least a 30 fps goal for the game as a whole. This is a good sign.

ABizzel13275d ago

You have a great game, when my only complaint is that the animation from getting knocked down could be better. Getting kicked by the cyclops, flying back, and bouncing two times is stupid they should use the DMC slide animation, but make it shorter, because that would get you killed. Other than that pure GOW bliss, expect a bunch of 10/10 and 9/10 for this.

popup3275d ago

This was a glowingly positive tech breakdown of this game. They seemed pretty bowled over to me. They have been a bit of a winge on the PS3 in the past due to a seemingly lack-luster understanding of the potential of offloading work onto the SPU's as being a force to be reckoned with coupled with the constant head to head articles resulting in poor PS3 ports. How the last few months have changed them though :)

Arnon3275d ago

Go reserve it at gamestop. You can get the E3'09 demo from there and an exclusive in-game costume that depicts the original concept of Kratos.

I've played the demo 3 times in 1 night. Have fun!

likedamaster3274d ago

the game doesn't even run at a solid 30 frames. Never even reaches the 60 frames many were claiming was to be the fps. Fail. I warned you all stop hyping this game and take for what it is; a great series with fantastic storytelling. The rest is petty.

Perjoss3274d ago

demo build or not i was pretty blown away by it, I dont even know how i got invited to try this demo, I don't even use my ps3 all that often. After seeing this demo and playing games like MGS4 and Uncharted 2 I'm thinking there are some things a 360 cannot do. Was most impressed with the lighting, they purposely left a few areas dark so they could be lit up by the glow from your weapons, sweetness!

MNicholas3274d ago

They are surely utilizing the Cell to some degree. The amount of dynamic geometry is just massive.

DF did a good analysis of Forza 3 which outlines not only where it's improved over Forza 2 but also where there are some cutbacks.

DevastationEve3274d ago

the final version will most likely run at 720p, just as expected. also there will be compromises made to make sure the game runs smoothly, so maybe they'll manage 60fps but the complexity of the game world and the data workload will be less strenuous because of ps3's memory and graphics constraints.

it'll still look good though, for the most part. probably not as good as mass effect 2 though...

hotgamergirl3273d ago

If you like God of War you'll like God of War 3. Nothing else to say.

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ULTIMATE_REVENGE3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Compared to Uncharted 1 this game looks and runs like total crap seriously.

edwineverready3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

a lot of jealousy lately.

LinuxGuru3275d ago

How is comparing it to another PS3 exclusive considered jealousy?

Take off your fanboy-sensing goggles and then re-read what he said.

STONEY43275d ago

I don't even get the hype for the graphics. Honestly, I think Heavenly Sword looked better. The only problem was the constant 25fps.

presto7173275d ago

Nothing comes close to it in terms of shear EPICNESS. Nothing at all.

gamingisnotacrime3275d ago

what console do you play? must be high end PC users because this games looks amazing. If you play 360 and say the GoW3 graphics suck, them your 360 games must feel like really last gen.

What a bunch of fools, please dont tell me now Gears 2 is the best looking game Ever

Sarcasm3275d ago

You're opinion is total crap seriously

DaTruth3275d ago

Comparing a full finished retail product to an old build showcase demo! I'm sure the GamesCom Uncharted 2 demo didn't run flawlessly either.

But it looks better than almost every other game... Especially multiplats!

raztad3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )


That crappy comment makes me think you have nothing positive to add.


DevastationEve3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Heavenly Sword looks better than this game so far, that's always been my opinion. This build certainly raises the bar visually, but it's not coming close enough to mass effect 2 to really be a serious graphics contender for 2010.

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From what I've seen so far this game looks like total crap seriously.

I don't really know how old this build of the game is but if the developers expect to beat Uncharted 2 in terms of visuals and make the best looking game on the PS3 then they're miles behind their target and I don't see them reaching it any time soon. They've been working on the game for 2 years now and yet the only thing that looks good is Kratos's character model but everything else looks slightly better than God of War 2 (which by the way didn't push the PS2, MGS3 did)

So far it looks like garbage and so does Heavy Rain.

andron3275d ago

Asstastic comments...

edwineverready3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I agree that it needs work but it's a old build. the only thing i did not like is Kratos movement it's a bit last gen. it looks like he is flooting above ground sometimes and he moves stiffly. i am spoiled by uc2 movement ofcourse. bye the way after you said heavy rain is garbage too you lost al credibilty

ZombieAutopsy3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Pretty sure the build of the game is the same as the E3 so its at least 5 months old and they still have around 5 months left to work on it. Like edwin said calling it garbage is a bit strong, i'm sure its not Uc2 quility but im sure by time its done it will be near thier.

But i'll hold off my final judgement for the demo until i play it when i pick up the GoW Collection.

Typical-Guy3275d ago

Dude are you on crack ?! seriously were you really playing GoW not " Bayonetta " ?

and Heavy Rain is garbage !

you surely not a gamer, because the gamer appreciates efforts.

but seriosly one QUESTION aside from U2 , if those games are " CRAP " what is better ?

PlayStation X3275d ago

the demo is from e3 so its atleast 5/6 month old, and its got another 5 month till its released.

i dont think it will look better than uncharted but it does look better than anything on 360 by a fair bit and gameplay is top quality.

ultimolu3275d ago

...Can you just let us know it's sarcasm?

Really? -__-

Because I know you're just talking sh*t right there.

callahan093275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

"God of War 2 (which by the way didn't push the PS2)"

Hahaha. That's some funny stuff, there. God of War 2 is obviously one of the best looking games of the previous generation. Some of my favorite quotes about God of War 2 from its MetaCritic page:

"For every video game system there's a piece of software that defines its capabilities. God of War II is that game."
- GameTrailers

"It's hard to deny that God of War II is one of the greatest looking and most epic games on the Playstation 2, but it wouldn't be much of a stretch to call it one of the best looking games on any console."
- GameStyle

"Coaxes out every last drop of PS2 juice to create a fitting testament to the system. Astonishing."
- Games Master UK

likedamaster3274d ago

Well, gameplay is not surprising at all when you've played the 1st two games to death. I'm still waiting for some story reveals to intrigue me to reconsider this game.

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Typical-Guy3275d ago

The game is awesome, it's an old build but for an old build it is freaking mind blowing. The fighting is unbelievably more than great. the only thing that I didn't like was Kratos's movement it didn't sound realistic.

NotoriousWarrior3275d ago

lol if this is garbage then i feel for all the 360 games, what should we call them?

chrisulloa3275d ago

Lol are you implying that there's anything innovative about PS3 games?

ReviewsArePolitics3275d ago

Is there anything innovative about 360 games? They're all recycled UE3 games, spic.

chrisulloa3274d ago

Haha, did you just call me that? If you're trying to offend me, that's a pretty bad shot. It's actually REALLY REALLY sad hahaha

CernaML3274d ago

It sure sounds like he got to you...

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