Military: Demon's Soul Review

Labeling a game as incredibly difficult may sound like a weird kind of praise, but in a day when most developers are quick to coddle players, "Demon's Souls" is a challenge you'll welcome accepting.

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Rom8283277d ago

Just got this game the other day. Very good RPG. A little buggy (get stuck behind objects; misc. floating objects, and poor dead body graphics), but I've seen worse.

I can't wait to tackle more...

Johnny Rotten3277d ago

this games been destroying me but it's so addictive that I don't even have time to play Uncharted!

Myst3277d ago

Has anyone else been enjoying the Halloween event :D?

TheBand1t3277d ago

No. Itl fills me with RAGE.

Myst3277d ago

lol come on now it isn't THAT hard is it?

Myst3277d ago

Maybe it's because I've killed most of my arch demon's and even some of the NPCs (such as Satsuki) but, I haven't had to much of a problem and I've been farming at Shrine of Storms - Area 4. So that may be why it isn't as hard.

Plus I've stayed in soul form as well so as not to give those invading black phantoms a chance since they will have more power due to the black world tendency.

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