Battlefield Bad Company 2 Hands-On Impressions - Eurogamer Expo 09

Unexpectedly EA turned up with Battlefield Bad Company 2 at this years Eurogamer, allowing Game-Pad to get hands on with the game 5 months before it hits store shelves!

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Pandamobile3271d ago

If that's an actual screenshot, this is officially the best looking multiplayer game ever.

I'm serious. Crysis' multiplayer has nothing on this.

tman6923271d ago

Just too many great games next march (for ps3) :D can't wait!

dgroundwater3271d ago

If it is real, could your PC run it?

Pandamobile3271d ago

Mine could run it. I mean, obviously the engine will be very scalable. If it runs well on consoles it won't take a whole lot to run on PC.

Core 2 Duo, 2-4 GB of RAM and an 8800 GT should have no problem running this on high settings at a good res (1440 x 900 and up). I'm just speculating here, but I doubt it will be a system killer.

lucifon3271d ago

Indeed it is! Straight away when I came up to the booth it was apparent how awesome the game looks compared to the first. Although the styling is extremely similar (obviously), they've totally upped their game.

evrfighter3271d ago

very very nice. hopefully I won't have to upgrade to turn me on some AA

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finbars753271d ago

There has to be something wrong with you.The Frostbite engine improvement is absolutley sick.I have not seen gameplay like this since killzone2.Looks crazy and it will be the best multiplayer again as usual.Say bye bye to cod franchise and welcome the new champion for years to come.Thanks Dice for showing us the right steps into the future of gamming.

glennc3270d ago

agree with cod comment but kz2 has nothing on this for mp gameplay.