UGO: MotorStorm: Arctic Edge Review - Left Out in the Cold

UGO writes: "Motorstorm in your pocket. Sounds cool, right? Well, it almost is.

I'm a huge fan of the console versions of MotorStorm and was intrigued earlier this year when Sony announced a PSP release for the series. Could BigBig Studios bring the gorgeously chaotic MotorStorm experience to the small screen? Yes and no."

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Milky3272d ago

Bad review. Playing this game right now and its amaazing for a handheld.

REALgamer3272d ago

I loved the PS3 MotorStorms, but didn't really get into Arctic Edge.

As the reviewer said, I played it for about an hour then didn't feel the need to play it again (returned it the next day).

I can't really pinpoint what it was, but there didn't seem to be anything to hook me in and I found the whole arctic snow theme a bit bland to look at, whereas the PS3 MotorStorms had fantastic scenery.

My favourite racers for PSP would still be the Burnouts.

farhsa20083272d ago

this reviewer is pathetic, this and resistance retribution are what makes me glad to have a psp

thereapersson3272d ago

Why is it that the last couple major racers for the PSP have received poor reviews, and yet have been the complete opposite of what the detractors say?

Gran Turismo PSP got knocked simply because it lacked a career mode, but everything else about the game was awesome.