Troubles with Retailers

Xbox Evolved finds out some interesting tidbits of information about some of the top game sellers in U.S. including Wal-Mart, GameStop and Blockbuster.

shotty6485d ago

Sony is the dirtiest marketer. I'm sure if MS tried it they would get sued by Sony.

Siesser6485d ago (Edited 6485d ago )

I wouldn't necessarily call it dirty, per se. Underhanded . . yeah. But:

A: it's not like Microsoft can't afford to shell out some cash; I mean, what Sony's essentially doing is paying for more floorspace, it sounds like

B: I remember when there was the rumor that Halo 3 would launch whenever PS3 did, just to hurt its sales. I said the same thing then; it's underhanded, but not really "dirty."

C: this is WAL-MART we're talking about here. The largest employer in the US outside of the government itself. The number one grocer in the country. The number one seller of clothing in the ocuntry. And I don't doubt they're up there in electronics. The food and the textile industry are at their beck and call. Whatever they want from the industry, they get; not the other way around. I can't envision any way that Sony can "pressure" them into doing anything they don't want to do. I'd always assumed I saw more PS2 games out because . . . well, there were more PS2s and PS2 games; period.

If they're in fact just paying more to have more games displayed, then I can't really condemn them for that. The industry's long past the "play fair" days. I remember when consoles never even acknowledged one another. Then Microsoft comes along, and suddenly you've got mudslinging back and forth for years to come.

PS360PCROCKS6485d ago

Lol yeah but we all knew they did this...and it's Wal-mart, that's like the red-neck store, any deals they can cut and get stuff cheaper they will.

specialguest6485d ago (Edited 6485d ago )

i don't see anything wrong with what Sony's doing as far as Wal-mart goes. if you have the money and it's not illegal, then go for it.
if you wanna talk about dirty, MS in general is the dirtiest.
1)Lock customers' data in proprietary formats (unethical and should be illegal)
2)monopolize the industry
3)control and/or influence Government Officials
4)Spread FUD(Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) in media
5)False TCO studies and advertisements

loving your Xbox360 is A-ok, but just know that MS isn't that clean and innocent too.

ACE6485d ago

sony are worse mate this is fact look at there marketing lies etc i wont waist my time here later

BOOSTIN6485d ago

sony is dirty. they are trying to monopolize the market. they weeded out the dreamcast with this same strategy. its dirty cheap moves like this that make sony the scum of the gaming industry.

shotty6485d ago

D0 you know how much times Sony has tried to create a monopoly and failed, you honestly don't know what your talking about. They are trying again with Blu-ray, if blu-ray wins then they get a steady stream of money for licensing from everyone that buys blu-ray disc. If you are talking about monopoly that Apple is the company they tried it and it worked in the 80's then they lost in in the early 90's. Now they kinda have in on the MP3 market with the iPod and iTunes. People need to buy an iPod to listen to music from iTunes. I hope microsoft breaks this DRM curse that Apple has on everyone. Mircosoft in my view is the company that breaks the monopoly, they are breaking away the Playstation monopoly (helping out Nintendo) and they broke apples computer monopoly.

achira6485d ago

shotty are you on crack ? where has sony a monopoly ? i can say you that ms has monopoly in the OS market. and i can tell you when they win the console war, that nintendo is the next, and ms has its monopol. i am sure you dont believe the things you said yourself. ms is the biggest monopoly in the world, so stop twisting facts.

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Islandkiwi6485d ago

If Sony does decide to prevent sales of used or pre-owned games, do you feel it will have an impact on their sales?

As a consumer I love pre-owned games, not because I save 5 dollars on the purchase, but because if I dislike a game I have an outlet for it. You can't return a game because you think it sucks, which is horrible. But this would also preclude renting ps3 games, which I consider inexcusable.

PS3 fans may view this differently, but not being able to rent or purchase used games would certainly weigh in on my decision to get a game console.

specialguest6485d ago (Edited 6485d ago )

i agree. to not be able to rent or buy used games really sucks. people will do it illegally anyway, but that's not the point.

i'll wait for an official confirmation first before getting all worked up over this issue.

Mikey_Gee6485d ago (Edited 6485d ago )

Dude, we are on the same page and props for your comment.

If I cannot return a game when it sucks, then I should at least be able to trade it on something else (even taking the hit/loss on what I paid) But I also use renting as a avenue to see if a game is worth my $$$ or not.

To not allow renting of games is just fk'n dirty. That is reason enough for me to flip the bird to the console involved and go elsewhere.

Renting is the only saving grace we gamers have to try and not waste our money.

I really want my PS3 sitting next to my 360, but if turns out to be true (I am sure it is not) ... well .... I guess I will find something else to sit in that spot.

ironwolf6485d ago

In order to keep a rental or borrowed disk from working in the PS3 Sony would have to do one of two things.

1. When a new disk is first inserted in a PS3, an ID code would have to be written to it. We know the PS3s drive is a low end read only.

2. The disk woud have to have a code that was reported to Sony via the internet. Too many of Sony's customers will either have no internet connection or no broadband, so they will not be able to report the code. (can you imagine trying to use a modem with one of these consoles?)

No, Sony won't due anything to alienate the customers they are counting on selling to.

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Not a single Reistance? Fuck this article.

mastershredder6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

Starhawk over Warhawk?...... Dude, NO ONE should listen to you.

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Nobody should listen to you either with that attitude.

Friendlygamer2h ago

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What games? All recall plating was Escape from Butcher Bay.

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