Heavenly Sword's Load Time and Demo

Ninja Theory, the talented team behind the upcoming Heavenly Sword, has spilled a few beans about the development process and the PSN demo. Dean Calver, lead programmer at Ninja Theory, said that the team is still on track on the beta and they are not derailed from the game because of the demo. So who's working on the demo you ask? Dean explained that they are borrowing a small team from Sony Cambridge to work on the PSN demo while the rest of the Ninja Theory team continues to work on the beta.

The team is currently fixing bugs and balancing the game, because the game itself much like Lair, is basically finished as he mentioned back in Sony Gamer's Day.

You may have noticed that Motorstorm have some nasty load times (at least the Japanese version does), so how is Ninja Theory taking care of the loading issue for Heavenly Sword?

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techie4750d ago

Deano's kool. Nice of him to answer some of my questions.

DrWan4750d ago

So do we need HDD space for the load time?

techie4750d ago

DrWan. Yes you'll need some space for them to cache. A gig or so. No loading after the initial load will be cool. Also they are making the transitions from cutscenes to gameplay much smoother than we saw at SGD....also recently optimisations have meant they are not short of memory. :)

DrWan4750d ago

I am just happy to hear him say; what percentage use?? we r not even at the bottle neck fool!~

Hopefully their skillz will be shared with the other studios on how to use the SPUs....

techie4750d ago

Well Deano pioneered methods to use SPU's and RSX....which are now the standard, plus a lot of their work went into Edge. So I expect so.

MK_Red4750d ago

I hope as a Godess of War, this game is without real load times much like God Of War.

kingofps34750d ago

Hopefully there will be something for the PS Home Hall of Fame acheivement for Heavenly Sword.

PlayStation3604750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

showed us what to expect, then it does. In that demo, they showed a trophy from HS. I couldn't make out the words on how the trophy can be acquired. But the trophy is the actual sword itself.

sonarus4750d ago

Did he say when the demo would be coming out?

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The story is too old to be commented.