Doom 2 mod Skulltag Released

An updated game client has been released for Skulltag, a Doom and Doom II mod now available for download.

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Madusha3276d ago

The screenshots bring back so many memories :)

thereapersson3276d ago

Running ZDoom and the ID pack, along with downloads from I play .WAD files until my hands fall off, or my eyes fall out of my head -- whichever comes first!


ChampIDC3276d ago

If you didn't know, Skulltag is pretty much an upgraded version of ZDoom. Give it a try if you haven't!

Always great to see other people still enthusiastic about this classic.

imec3276d ago

The co-op is always a blast (it's always amazing to see some of the amazing stuff people have created). I have played at least 40 hours of skulltag and it's always the first game I install on older hardware (I haven't been playing it much lately though, more people need to put up Heretic/Hexen maps, the alien.wad is starting to get a little bit old).