Wii Sports Resort to sell more than 10 million copies

Off to a slightly slower start than most thought, Wii Sports Resort is becoming a huge title for Nintendo going into the holiday season and is actually tracking better than WiiFit did in the same time period.

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Product3276d ago

I wouldn't doubt it to sell over that much. Actually a very fun game, but I have a feeling New Super Mario Bros. will blow it out of the water this holiday.

Madusha3276d ago

Yup, a very good game. I wish this was given for free with my Wii instead of Wii Sports.

Saaking3276d ago

Does that make it better than Halo bots? According to your logic, it does.

The XBOT3276d ago

I think the only thing better than halo is your m4m4! Really :)

ozstar3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I don't know. In reference to that kids games survey from earlier in the week, WSR was more popular/wanted than NSMBW.

WSR was high amongst both sexes, rating 1st or 2nd in almost all categories.


@ndpad, "The four most keenly desired titles across all ages and genders were Guitar Hero 5 (48 per cent), Wii Sports Resort (44 per cent), New Super Mario Bros Wii (41 per cent) and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (33 per cent)."

Are you implying there are more teenagers, than kids, who will get what they want for Christmas?

ndpad3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Did you see the ages for NSMB?

Edit: Interesting and appreciated. Btw I was asking for the info because I had not seen that yet.

sashimi3276d ago

mayday mayday calling in reinforcements!!!! we need reinforcement now:under heavy fire.

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