Gran Turismo 5 Interview: Damage and Dynamic Weather

In an exclusive interview with 'JoyPad' (Jeu Video's official magazine), Kazinori Yamauchi of the Polyphony team releases some new information about Gran Turismo 5; all confirmed by the creator himself. These include online between 12-20 players, 4 driving views, all Ferrai and F1 cars; and more....


Source has been updated with four images:

-a cockpit view from an Audi TT
-a pic from the 300SL
-another shot from the cockpit of the 300SL
-AND the first shot ever from the nürburing

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StrboyM4584d ago


i love the GT series but these implements are long overdue, Im glad to have em, it will help in continuing to make Gt the most realistic racer.

gta_cb4584d ago

yeh it is "long overdue" i have owned all the previous GT (on PS1/2) so i can deffinatly say this will improve the gameplay, finally no hitting into corners to slow you down lol.

about helping it to be the most realistic racer, well like i said i have owned all previous GTs and yes they have all been fun, but i have deffinatly got to test Forza Motorsports 2 out before agreeing with that statement, oh and if you have got an Xbox 360 as alot of users on here have all 3 consoles, then i advise you to spend the £40 on this game, or at least rent it from Blockbusters, or any rentable shop. because if you havnt tried it you cant really say it is or isnt good.

decapitator4584d ago

Do i read damage on cars ? Hellllllllllllllll yeah...this is the best news beginning this weeks..:) :D

techie4584d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

Crazyman. It's fine as is, the story has the information on it. ps. I believe it's damage for race cars, not commercial cars (ie. damage for ones you cant go out and buy)

gta_cb4584d ago

nice find deep, really going to look forward to how this game ends up, and deffinatly going to be comparing it to Forza Motorsports 2 when i get a PS3.

CrazzyMan4584d ago

Kazunori discusses this list of features for the upcoming PS3 exclusive Gran Turismo 5:

- All cars and tracks from GT4 will be included in GT5
- More cars and tracks should be downloadable
- 4 driving views
- Car damage
- All Ferrari+ F1 cars
- Porsche and Lamborghini brands to be confirmed
- Indianapolis may feature
- A game will be release before Gran Turismo 5, this is presumed to Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
- New city tracks
- Online drivers 12-20
- Dynamic weather during races

And yeah, just GREAT NEWS! =)
Hope they will show some footage on E3, because they definately will show something on TGS07. =)

BitbyDeath4584d ago

awesome, not much more you can ask for well except for them to fix up the driving test modes to make them more enjoyable or remove them completely from the game