Nintendo Wii and DS to Topple EA's Dominance?

While Electronic Arts has been a powerhouse for years in the PC/Console world using ports of games from one console to another, they are finding it hard to navigate the new console landscape when it comes to the Nintendo Wii and DS respectfully and may have misjudged the significance of the two. Investors are unhappy, sales are down, and the future for the Wii looks to be brighter than anyone could have imagined. Not only does the Wii stand to pose a major headache for Microsoft and Sony. It just might topple the dominate softwares kings in the process.

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Bloodmask4759d ago

I say good, EA hasn't really made a new game in over ten years. They can't do the portarama anymore based on their old PS2 game engines. That's what is really going on here. Nintendo might make them do some work. EA your nothing but a big crop duster spraying manure all over the game industry. And a message to all drones that buy Madden, NBA LIVE, and Need for Speed every year you should be ashamed of your self....Its the same game from 1997....Swallow the other pill and come out of the Matrix............

Good riddens EA

bootsielon4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

If you don't buy the game (and in the best of the cases, you've barely played it), how can you say it's the same as 10 years ago you moron? Learn to spell, by the way.

I love it how people hate EA with no valid reason whatsoever. You don't like their games? Simple: Don't buy them. If you don't buy them, you have no reason to whine.


I'm not a fan of EA. I'm against stupidity, that's all. As of me, I don't buy many things EA. The last things I bought from them were The Sims, and the Lord of the rings action-adventure games.

Simply put, if they sell, it's because they're doing something right. If they don't, they'll do something about it. By the way, care to prove the "lower and lower" sales numbers thing, or did you just take that out of your ass?

AcidRhain4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

Obviously... no one isn't buying them, hence the lower and lower sales figs of madden and all the regurgitated crap they seem to be vommiting up. The consumers are becoming aware this day and age.

The thing about EA is... they aren't innovative, and this seems like the time when it matters. People are looking for a difference and EA is stuck doing the same old same old.

Obviously Bootsie, lol, you are a fan of EA. I guess you are entitles to your bad taste.

Ignorant Fanboy4759d ago

We need a developer to pump out massive amounts of average games. When a developer puts out one game every 6 months, there are long waiting times to play something new and fresh, I didnt say play something better, just play something new.

They make a hit every year too, cant wait for Army of Two.

I dont get your sales figures either, they arent going down.

PS360WII4759d ago

Those share holders must of made them pretty scared. They have a whole development team solely for the Wii and already are in the process of a good amount of Wii exclusives. I'm kind of liking this whole Wii is the chit thing right now. It's making a lot of big developers work for the money and think outside the box. So I say bring it on EA show us how you got to the top in the first place.

gta_cb4759d ago

yes i agree they should show us how they got to the top, as i have become disapointed with them, its just the same stuff over and over.

sumfood4u4759d ago

So Since EA is the Big Cheese, It looks like Nintendo Wii/DS is Melting them like Cheddar! Everyone know $hit that's Cheap, or for Free is always Better!

dale14759d ago

every one knows it aint the games its the consoles mod consoles are ever where, so theres your problem xbox 360 well theres s**t loads
out there waiting for copys ps2 as well even the wi are been copied,
so there you have it cheap copys thats why microsoft have started banning them on x box live even paying for the service they dont want them, they aint gonna buy halo3 not till the copys come out and that will be day one it comes out if not before
downloads will be the future least that way they can keep there eye on things
you only have to look at sony and microsoft online services to see where there going
multi million selling console games will be like music singles sales
downloads the future not just yet but in 5years there be massive thats why sony have made home