2404: Elven Legacy: Ranger Impressions

2404 writes: "This little trifle of an addon doesn't deserve its own full-length review since it's so short, so here are my thoughts in blog (bleh) format.

You get quite a bit for your $10- a full campaign which is about half the length of the one that came with the original game, a bunch of new artifacts and spells (which you can rely on extensively in the new campaign) and that's basically it. The campaign focuses on the Order of Marcus and one of its commanders, a spearchucker named Cornelius. Your units this time around are mainly human (Elven Legacy focused on elven units, duh) so in addition to your contingent of rangers you make use of yeomen, halberdiers, royal archers, knights, etc. The new campaign took me a solid afternoon to finish, and by the time you're done with it you've seen all there is to see that is new."

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