GameSpot Spotlight On: Lego Universe Preview

GameSpot writes: "If you were born within the last 40 years or so, you're probably familiar with the Lego company's plastic brick-based toys of the same name, whose addictive snap-together properties have brought together children of all ages to build fire stations, spaceships, and castles while being an occasional choking hazard. And if you're familiar with recent Lego-branded video games from developer Traveller's Tales, you'll know that Lego's "mini-figs" (the smiley-faced Lego versions of people) have made video games their second home, embarking on virtual adventures in many different locales. Now, Colorado-based studio NetDevil has partnered with Lego to produce a family-friendly massively multiplayer game called Lego Universe--a game we spent a bit of time watching in motion."

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