The Xbox 360 PC ditches gaming for Windows and OS X

A rather intrepid modder named electric0ant has a mod up for those wondering what to do with their extra Xbox 360. electric0ant's solution? Turn that extra console into a PC.

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gta_cb4165d ago

pretty cool, although i would rather have a normal case so i can have water cooling etc, also this would be to much work.

gta_cb4165d ago

btw if he managed to use the Xbox 360 motherboard then that would have been very cool in deed

ericbs4164d ago

He changed the motherboard. I wonder how much this cost him to do.

gta_cb4163d ago

yeh i know, i was saying this would be very cool if he had used the Xbox 360 motherboard

Expy4164d ago

There's a good way to recycle a RRoD XBOX360.

Shake4164d ago

It would be cool if microsoft came out with some update that will allow us to browse the internet

gta_cb4163d ago

yeh it would be, but then i would prob still use my PC more.