Game Guys Review "Afrika" for PlayStation 3

Lions and zebras and gazelles, oh my! Afrika is out on the PlayStation 3. The game has you taking the role of a wildlife photographer - out to explore a new section of land in the beautiful continent.

After hopping in the back of your tour guide's vehicle, your job is to spot animals with your binoculars and snap photos of them. Typical action gamers will have to pack their patience on this trip. You spend a lot of time in the back of your tour guide's jeep - and he controls most of the driving. You can have him stop or start, but that's about it.

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Johnny Rotten3273d ago

The last time I was interested in a game of "look but don't touch" was probably back in high school.

Lifewish3273d ago

pretty high rating for a game with flaws at every corner

rmedtx8883272d ago

I think it's good to have games like this. Not everybody is into blowing heads off. There are not that many games out there that will relax you.

SactoGamer3272d ago

That was Kevin's point exactly.