XBOX LIVE activity for the week of 5/21/07

Xbox 360 Top Live Titles (UU's)
1 Gears of War
2 Crackdown
3 Halo 3 Beta
4 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas
5 Forza Motorsport 2 Demo
6 Guitar Hero II
7 Aegis Wing
8 Call Of Duty 3
9 GRAW 2
10 Oblivion

Top Arcade Titles (Full Versions)
1 Double Dragon
2 Soltrio Solitaire
3 Rush'n Attack
4 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures
6 Pinball FX
7 TMNT 1989 Arcade
9 Catan
10 Castlevania: SOTN

Original Xbox Top Live Games
1 Halo 2
2 Battlefield 2: MC
3 Counter-Strike
4 Madden NFL 07
5 Call of Duty 3
6 Forza Motorsport
7 Star Wars: Battlfrnt 2
8 FIFA 07
9 Rainbow Six 3
10 Rainbow Six 3 BA

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gta_cb4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

just want to say to all those who said people only buy Crackdown for Halo 3 Beta..... well it seems as though i am right when i said its a good game and i also brought Crackdown for Crackdown.


guys unless you can give me a link this isnt a duplicate story as i cant find any news regarding this since the week beginning 4/30 so please UNLESS you have a link to prove it is a duplicate then dont report it.

AcidRhain4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

Crackdown get's a lot of my xbl time. It's a freakin fun game that has a lot of replay value. Co-op is pretty kickarse as well, and the beta is just the icing on the very fun cake.

gta_cb4577d ago

oh and as for Gears of War, i am NOT suprised even though it is now been a long time since its launch it is DEFFINATLY one of those games that you can keep playing over and over again, and well i play it everytime i go on my Xbox 360, doesnt mean i dont play other games, but this is one of the ones i play with my mates everytime i go on LIVE.

giovonni4577d ago

The game is great online. as speacially co-op

Close_Second4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

...but multiplayer GOW pretty much sucks. Annex was a great help and the new map pack was great but in the end, still the same old host advantage, laggy crap.

The primary weapon in GOW has to be the most useless example of a machine gun in gaming history. Even with a direct head shot from a couple of meters away enemies walk around as though someone was throwing paper at them. Again, this is probably attributed to the fact that unless you're the host or live right next to the host that your game will lag.

Basically, GOW multiplayer isn't anywhere near as fun as it should be.

Before all the GOW fans bag my comments, keep in mind that I live in New Zealand and there is not a hell of a lot of people that can host. We also have a situation where our primary broadband provider couldn't run a bath.

Eclipticus4577d ago

yeah crackdown and Catan are getting alot of my time. Republic Commando would but my disc is dirty. argh.
and i waited all this time for the update.

MoonDust4577d ago

That's why it's up there.

FreeMonk4577d ago

I think the reason why Crackdown is up there is because of the major messup that MS/Bungie made when the Halo 3 Beta download messup happened on the Thursday the beta was due out!

I'm guessing that MS servers logs down the number of times the game is booted up, not the number of times the game is played on live, hence why Guitar Hero 2 is up there which doesn't have online features!

So add the number of times people booted up Crackdown to try to download the beta, plus the number of times Crackdown is loaded to actually play the Beta, plus the number of times it was booted so people could actually play Crackdown, that'll lead to a massive number of boot-ups!

BIGBAER4577d ago

Crackdown is an insanely fun game! And that was before the added content. Now it's insane fun x 10!

I could hardly believe my eyes the first time I used the new harpoon gun and harpooned a Los Muertos gang member to the side of my armored car. Pinning four more gang members, having them dangle from the sides on my ride, and earning the Body Armor achievement then driving around, running over everyone in my path with 5 Los Muertos hood ornaments----now that is what Crackdown is all about! Craziness and Fun!

Ignorant Fanboy4577d ago

It is not a live game. Whats up with that? I play it all the time and my friend in Atlanta bought it too, we got home and tried to play co-op but found out it wasnt an option.

The box says you can, even the instruction manual tells you how to, with a screenshot of someone doing it!!! I was pissed.

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