Hdfury - Hdmi To Rgb Converter

HDfury is a revolutionnary product that allows you to use in full resolution (1080p) any HDMI/DVI device on PC monitor, video projector or older HDTV/Plasma that are without a HDMI entry!

If you own a high quality monitor/projector/tv that does not have a HDMI connector you need this device, it will save you from buying a new expensive screen to enjoy 1080p resolution when your screen can already support it!

HDfury module will transform any "technically able" ANALOG display into a DIGITAL display performing a perfect visual HD&Full HD fury @ 720p/1080p from any HDMI/HDCP sources such as PS3, X360 Elite, HD-DVD&Blu-Ray player, SAT&Cable HDTV setbox, HDMI graphic card, and more.

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gta_cb4759d ago

it would be interesting to know what would happen if someone connected this to there TFT monitor and there Xbox 360 Elite or PS3 and compared it to their TV.

Antan4759d ago

This was posted months ago!!

gta_cb4759d ago

i checked for a duplicate story and found nothing, do you have a link?

Antan4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

Christ! now your asking!!.......i remember i posted on this , probably not this particular website of course but ....hang on ill sift through my scribblings.............


Lol, can i sh!te find it! not too worry, people will probably of forgotten about it anyway!!!!!

gta_cb4759d ago

well didnt mean any offence just sometimes its hard to post news with being kinda new (joined 2months ago) so i obviously have missed quite alot of news. also i did check the title, and just some words out of the title and it didnt come up with anything. so sorry, i just saw it and thought nice it ya know sounds cool if you havnt got a HDMI slot on your TV

Phlapp4759d ago

Correct me if i'm being stupid (which I probably am!) but isn't this just a DVI/HDMI converter? I've had one of those on my HDTV for 3 months which allows me to plug my PS3 (HDMI) into my HDTV (DVI). But like I say I might be missing something!

Grown Folks Talk4759d ago

but the pic looks like it has vga on the other end. dvi is bigger.

gta_cb4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

im pretty sure you can link your PS3/Xbox 360 Elite to this then link it to your tv if you dont have HDMI... but im not 100% or like i said in post #1 use this to link your PS3/Xbox 360 Elite to a monitor in HD.

popup4758d ago

It strips HDCP from HDMI and allows output to VGA/DVI. The PS3 (for example) has no VGA output and a simple converter would kick in the HDCP protection so this device is your ticket if the above causes you grief.

gta_cb4759d ago

(people that reported this)

i am sorry i dont link news to websites that are filled with pop ups etc.
but when i went on this site i had NO spam.... even when i just went there, so i am just woundering do you both even have a pop up blocker? i am using the latest version of firefox with no additional features installed and nothing stops me from viewing the story.

maybe you should consider installing firefox as its completely free, faster then Internet Explorer and more reliable.

Ru4759d ago

Thats Pic Is of a HDMI/VGA or HDMI/DVI converter.
I bought one a month back and it Didnt work!

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