New Wii accessory may send you flying

A new Wii peripheral has been released, and while it provides realistic experiences, it's not exactly the safest product around.

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Madusha3278d ago

haha, awesome stuff. Really will ad a LOT of realism to skateboarding and snowboarding games.

Valay3278d ago

I could actually see myself having a decent amount of fun with it!

3278d ago
HolyOrangeCows3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

But I don't think they'll fall for this.

Unless we're talking literally.
Literally, Plenty of people will fall for it...and break their necks :P

The Milkman3278d ago

I dont want to be jumping around every or balancing thats just the type of gamer I'am. When I get home I want to chill and play a game that actually has detail in it. The Wii just brings alot of these little games that are fun for a party or just for about 30 minutes by yourself. But even then at a party Im probably going to be too drunk to stand on a board(be pretty funny though). I just cant get into this style of gaming yet. Maybe the more advanced it becomes it will interest me more. Right now all this stuff looks like childs play to me.

-Mezzo-3278d ago

I Am Sure You All Will Agree With Me That This Console Has More Peripherals The Actual Vidoegames.

Mista T3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

the accessory is my fist flyin into yo face!

that'll fo sho be the thing that send you flyin, a knuckle sandwich from the T man Mr T

multipayer3278d ago

Imagine if it could pop a 150 pound dude in the air corresponding to the rumble effect, now that could get really painful. Instead it is just another worthless piece of plastic like 90% of wii peripherals. The only difference is this one is awkward when you stand on it. They all should be banned.

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