Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed 2 Expectations "Better, Bigger" writes, " spoke with Yannis Mallat, CEO of Ubisoft Montreal, the studio behind Assassin's Creed, at this week's GameOn: Finance conference. We asked Mallat what his expectations are for Assassin's Creed 2 compared to the original's sales and reception."

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ShawnCollier3272d ago

Bigger, better, stronger, faster sequel? :)

Saaking3272d ago

Epic said the same thing about Gears 2 and look how that turned out. I'll wait for some reviews first.

DevastationEve3272d ago

The reviews will be that PS3 struggles yet again to match its Xbox 360 counterpart due to "duh lamezt devz evar" or "teh devz dont no how to uze teh cell".

The XBOT3272d ago

I and many professional reviewers say that :) again Saaking. You fail, I own the 4 platforms. And play uncharted, gears of war and madword. I also can not wait for diablo 3. What kind of plastic gamer are you?

zeeshan3272d ago

It just better not be the same damn thing repeating over and over again. I am playing the first game only now. While, I like the graphics, the cloud effects, the environment, combat, stealth etc. The gameplay gets boring because you have to do the same thing like 12 times. Climb the tower, save a citizen, collect flags, evesdrop. I hope the sequel won't inherit the mistakes from the first part.

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mephman3272d ago

Hmm, I'm not sure it'll top 8 million, but good luck to it.

Kyll3272d ago

yeah, they set one hell of a bar for themselves

Saaking3272d ago

The first one sold very well because of hype and there weren't that many good games. With MW2 in the same month, I'd say AC2 will sell around 4 million.

mephman3272d ago

Not really sure I agree with that.

Assassin's Creed launched at the same time as Modern Warfare, Rock Band and Super Mario Galaxy. I'd say it has less competition this time.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3272d ago

Here is how ubisoft montreal work, the do some sh1tty game (assassin creed 1 and farcry2 as exemple) and they know how sh1tty the game will be so they put everything on the visual aspect. After that the ubi staff kick in and overhype games that doesnt deliver most of the time!

y4cub3272d ago

dawn of ashes i sorta disagree and sorta agree. the first assassins creed was an amazing game. now farcry2 is another story. that game sucked beyond measures. maps were rediculously big u could play online deathmatch for 30min straight and not run into a single player. the single play world was also far too big with far too little tasks. u couldnt find half of them and u had to drive forever aND a day to get places

Lionsguard3272d ago

AC1 was horrible, I mean to each his own but seriously, the repetitiveness, the horrible voice actor for Altair, the ridiculous one button combat (I slaughtered an entire batallion of soldiers one afternoon in an allyway) no night/day cycle, HUGE cities with NOTHING to do in them, vast, beautiful countrysides with towns that serve NO purpose, soldiers for no reason what so ever point me out as an assassin when I had done NOTHING (wtf are they? men who stare at goats? can they read my mind?) AC2 looks like it will redeem AC1's failures though.

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