PS3 "by far the best platform" for Heavy Rain

TVGB: "He didn't really want to get dragged into it, but Quantic Dream's founder and co-CEO David Cage has revealed his belief that the PlayStation 3-exclusive Heavy Rain wouldn't be possible on any other system."

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Nelson M3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Last Gen Games like Gears 2 and Halo 3

Chubear3273d ago

Ahh, if not for the Playstation, I'd probably wouldn't be gaming as I do today.

LordMarius3273d ago

thats true I would definitely stop if all I could play was Halo and Gears every year

Relientk773273d ago

This is only one of the great games coming to PS3 in 2010

WildArmed3273d ago

Sony has done a great job in support new IPs and trying things that are not so common.

Although I'm sure I wont enjoy Heavy Rain, I do appreciate sony broadening its audience and trying to go above and beyond the normal console gaming.

I will definitely give HR a fair chance thou

alphakennybody3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

I don't get all the disagrees to 007, did you just saw the "I wont enjoy Heavy Rain" part of his comment and click disagrees. Sometime I cannot understands my fellow fanboys mind.

Chubear3273d ago

Tell us something we don't already know :)

TOO PAWNED3273d ago

Will people stop asking these stupid questions? It is on PS3, case closed, who cares why. If you want to play it, buy PS3 and shut up.

WildArmed3273d ago

lol It's ok, 12 disagrees and counting.
They are just saying that 'Even though you wont like it, I know i will'

I've learnt to take disagrees lightly. ^_^

sniper-squeak3273d ago only does Everything.

whothedog3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )


You know people can't handle an opinion they don't agree with.

Anyways, I am very excited for this game. And if this game is great I hope DLC of different stories are developed.

[email protected]
Yeah, I guess that's true, I was thinking that since its just his take on whether or not he was going to like the game, its kind of hard to disagree with that. but I understand what you are saying.

WMW3273d ago

"You know people can't handle an opinion they don't agree with." isn't the disagree button there to show you don't agree with someone so if people don't agree with skv007 then shouldn't they hit disagree?

zeeshan3273d ago

Pretty sure that I read an article here regarding how Sony's supporting new IP is actually hurting them. I was like what the eff? Sony has done an incredible job. Yes, it would have been easier for them to make sequels of some of the great PS2 games but then we wouldn't have had games like Uncharted, LBP, Heavy Rain, inFamous etc.

Sony has been very very brave with their software lineup and this will help them in the long run. Not only they have new IPs with possible sequels, they can play around their PS2 library and churn out some fantastic sequels or upgraded HD versions of the game like Wipeout HD and GoW collection. WAY TO GO SONY!

Nathaniel_Drake3273d ago

@1.2 Isn't that why they disagree, they disagreed because they like the game, and the people who agreed say so because they don't like the game, where is the fanboyism in there?

Saaking3273d ago

Only possible on the machine that does everything, PS3.

kwicksandz3273d ago

Its true, Movie watchers love PS3

slopeseeker3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

"Ford Mustang is by far the best muscle car" says ford dealership owner "no other manufacturer could make it possible".

sikbeta3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

After finish it, I will spoil you the end of the movie to make you not enjoy it at all, lol



You never get tired to beat ODST like 10 times a day and want to watch a movie or something, at some point you have to stop or you'll not be able to watch the teletubbies show

About the article:

Of course It is

The Awesome graphics of this game can't be done in other console (no PC) and at the same time this is a mature game for a mature Fanbase, so IT fits perfectly for PS3 gamers

QUALITY > quantity

VARIETY > stuck genre

GAMERS > shooter/motion control lovers


ZombieAutopsy3273d ago

i was expecting that comment in the open zone, you fail.

HolyOrangeCows3273d ago

1) "The Hardware" - "the architecture of the PS3 is extremely powerful in the way it is structured. If you make a real PS3 engine, then you can have really fantastic performances"

2) "This is a console we all love at the studio. I play PSOne, PS2, it’s really a part of my culture"
(The very common 'Sony PS is like a family to us, the developers')

3) "it’s a really, really powerful console"

I see a pattern.

Therealspy033273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

A game that is completely overhyped til it launches, then nobody buys, plays, or talks about a week later is exactly the type of game ps3 constantly gets. add heavy rain to the long list of mediocre titles that you won't hear about on ps3 and doesn't help sell the system from day 1.

Not that i like halo very much anymore, But at a friend's house the other day there were over a quarter of a million ppl playing at 1am (a 2 year old game). by comparison, i'm playing Uncharted 2 online as we speak and 9,947 ppl are playing. what a waste of a 60 bucks. a brand new game on supposedly the best system ever made and nobody plays it.

i'd like to see one non-opinion based article or comment about the ps3 that can't be easily disproven with 30 seconds of research.

speaking specifically on heavy rain. why would anyone want to play a "game" that has virtually no gameplay elements and is comprised almost entirely of quick time events? sounds like sewer shark all over again...except, at least, that game was innovative.

Noctis Aftermath3273d ago

@above: sigh, you are making information up as you post, that is just fail.

Also i don't get what uncharted 2 having 10k people online versus 250k online has to do with anything? the only thing you need to worry about is if you are able to get into matches, and chances are you will be able to.

Unlike halo, the MP in Uncharted 2 isn't the main attraction for most people, it is the incredible single player experience, but also i'm sure once more people have platinum'd the SP they will probably join the multiplayer games.

I myself still haven't got Uncharted 2, and i'm willing to bet that alot of others who want it still have not got it(due to various reasons).

Parapraxis3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

damn right kwicksandz, movie lovers DO love the PS3. They'd be foolish to choose a 360 over a PS3 when the 360 doesn't have a Blu-ray drive. Blu-ray, which is the defacto Hi-def format for the next 3-4 years at least.
And guess what's even better, gamers that also enjoy movies. The PS3 is the 1st choice for any gamer who wants to experience true 1080p HD movies (and games too). As a fairly dedicated gamer myself, I have been more than pleased with Sony;s choice to (have the balls to) incorporate the BD format right into the machine. Not only does it ensure that devs have more than enough space to work with and push the hardware to the limits, producing games that are not possible on ANY OTHER PLATFORM, I can also enjoy my favourite movies in 1080p and 5.1 DTS or Dolby True HD surround, which is simply epic.

Therealspy033273d ago

@ para. in this upcoming update, 360 can stream 1080p hd vids. also, a real gamer would have both systems.

@ guy above him. there is nothing "incredible" about the single player in UC. it's a very linear game that plays out the same way every time. and it follows the exact formula as the first one down to the monsters showin up at the end. i think it's funny that you basically just did was all ps3 fanboys. you said how great the game is before you even played it. yes, i know, every ps3 is amazing...til it's released.

uncharted 1 and 2 are nothing special. they are tomb raider / indiana jones rip offs that play like gears of war rip offs. and the multiplayer is EXACTLY that. a flimsy gears of war rip off. and it's funny cuz all the little tweaks gears 2 made from gears 1 like the exaggerated smoke streaks from the bullets, to the addition of mobile turrets, uncharted added. stop giving games credit they don't deserve.

Redempteur3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

I think you need to get a ps3 and enjoy the games on it ..

"NOthing spécial about uncharted 2 ??" Now seriously ... "( tomb raider, indiana jones rip-off ? )" Now you're making me laugh ...

"A game nobody talk after the release ?"

Now you really need to play some games ..

BEar in mind that when a game is released gamers are usually playing it ... not making stories on N4g to pass the time ...( whatever console ).

As for heavy rain , the hype hasn't even begun yet ...Heavy rain , over hyped ? where ? do you see stories about it everyday ?i don't ....

So please stop making things up .

AND by the way by your fantastic logic , a gamer intrested in movies too would get a 360 ? for what ? HD-DVDS ? NETFLIX but less cheap ? The lack of storage selection to store them with the over priced HDs ? PLAY TV ?( oh sorry that's on PS3 )..

Again .. i guess someone intrested in movies would ..... check the lastest movies trailers of DVD and blu ray releases on the theaters of HOME .. or via pulse ... Oh sorry that again is not on the 360 ...

Obviously the 360 is made for movies playback in mind ! i can't way to watch my HD-blu ray movies on it ! [/sarcasm]

3273d ago
Redempteur3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

You're a funny guy ... i don't need your proof ... if you find uncharted 2 is a tomb raider rip -off .. you're a troll .... and you have NOT played the game ... they have so many differences ..listing them would make my post quite long ...

i'm far for being a fanboy [read my history here ] but you're saying crap and acting mighty for no reason at all ...

Treat games for what they are and stop making weird can dislike uncharted 1 or 2 ..that's not my problem ( even uncharted 2 is not perfect ) ...but the weird comparaisons HAVE TO STOP ..

ALSO said before you're making s-h-*-t up ..

FIRST what matters in a online game is not the total numbers of players .. BUT the fun you have while playing ..if you find a game and it's open and you have fun in it ... it's not a waste ...

SECOND ..uncharted may dish IS THE SINGLE PLAYER ..

THIRD heavy rain is not a QTE heavy game ...did you miss the creator and the rest of the studio saying it's not ???? Did you miss the videos and the trailers ?Oh yeah ... you're making thing up based on what again ? you having played the game ? of course NOT !! ( again you can dislike it , HR , but lying is NOT GOOD kid )

FOURTH having your PSN ID ( if that's yours ) doesn't prove that you're not a sad troll ..sorry but even trolls are on the PSN .. ( see HOME first days for a summary )

FIFTH As for uncharted Multiplayer it is well played ...( During the beta it was the most played game on PSN ) and it sold 1 million in 2 weeks ..So please .. Multiplayer is full of people stop lying ... And even if you're having trouble to connect , why not play with your friends ? Why not trying to have fun ?

Because you know you've wasted 60 bucks when you could be playing HALO ^-^ i feel like crying over your poor soul who have missed 15 hours of halo multiplayer playing another game ...
And now you're treating others to be fanboys ??? what a joke ....

PS: the ones quick to share their PSN ID as a proof are just the ones who are frail and weak to justify their own words ..
" but but but i can't be a troll see here is my ID .."
" b- but but i said something ridiculous ... but since i may have the ps3 after all i'm right , right ? always right ? wanna see my proof ?"
Stupidiest argument of the night .. didn't see it since last year .... SAD night indeed

No FanS Land3273d ago

"I don’t believe you need ultra realistic graphics to get emotion, you can get that with very low graphics."

That's why I still think MGS1 is one of the best emotional story driven game.

BWS19823273d ago

except that Sony isn't making Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream is, therefore, your analogy holds not one ounce of water. Move along.

jetlian3273d ago

didn't i prove you wrong on the whole heavy rain being a qte only game. give it up already thats all the game has!!! and uncharted is like tomb raider. uncharted focuses more on shooting than tomb raider.
i have never seen more than 20k on uc2 multyplayer even during beta!!

give it sold 1 million one would thing atleast 50k or 5 percent would be online. but no and this is a new game.

Noctis Aftermath3273d ago

@therealspy03: i said i have not got the game, i never said i haven't played it, i've played it at my friends place, but the bastard just doesn't want to lend it out as he plays it constantly.

So i guess that saying about people who assume things is true.

Therealspy033273d ago

See, you keep just proving me right. why would you go out of your way to add me and see that i'm telling the truth when you can just make blind fanboy statements? you don't need to add me because that would lend credibility to my point.

i'm not a troll or a fanboy. i own both systems. and in this ENTIRE year, all of 2009, i've ONLY purchased ps3 games for console. not a single 360 game. YOU, on the other hand, are 100% a fanboy and a troll. you run around making blind claims on games you don't even own. i actually own the games, i play them the whole way through. as i said, add me on psn. not only do i own UC2, but i've played through the single player twice already ( as it's a VERY short game ) and i've accumulated many multiplayer boosters. I've also discovered well over half the treasures.

what have you done? trolled a website criticizing anyone who gives a conflicting view to this absolutely biased website. My point in bringing up UC was to show a comparison between it, every other existing game, and upcoming ps3 games. they aren't good games, they are over hyped upcoming games....until they launch. then they don't sell. or they sell average. and nobody really talks about them after they release. and nobody plays them a week later. you say all the ppl that bought uncharted just buy it for the single player...well they must. because there's less than 10k ppl at any given time on the multiplayer. and every time i try to join a game, i always end up playing against ppl in another country because it can't find another ppl locally to play against. now lets compare that to gears of war. several million copies sold. and not only does it have a fun single player, it has co-op, so that means that the single player has even more replayability; and even then, you find at least 100k ppl playin the multiplayer any time of day.

in closing let me just say to anyone who reads this and thinks i'm being the fanboy, i'm the one offering a way to reach me on the system that has the games that have left me completely unimpressed. this other guy is championing a game he hasn't played through. hyping a game he knows very little about. this was is a joke, and it's getting so old. i'm just a gamer...and i want great games. and while ps3 has the potential for great games, it just isn't getting them. and the 3rd party titles sell so much better on 360 that there is no reason to buy them for ps3 if you want a great multiplayer experience. i know this article is about heavy rain, but my original point is where all this comes from. heavy rain is just another short single player game with no worthwhile multiplayer (or in this case, none) that makes it another 60 dollar waste of cash. and as a console, as 300-600 dollar waste of cash. The difference is, that these other mediocre games like uncharted, mgs, killzone, at least before they launched, looked like worthwhile purchases. heavy rain doesn't even look like that. it looks like a fully motion capped movie that lets you do quick time events to see where the next fully scripted scene leads.

nothing about this generation has showin that ps3 is the better system except in the minds of the fanboys. the fact is that while ps3 might be the better system, 360 has the better games and the better online, and the better multiplayer community. oh yeah, while i'm on that subject, because of UC2 i ran out to get a blue tooth so i could chat with ppl, and maybe 10% of the ppl have one. and of those 10%, maybe 1% of that 10% isn't a complete prick. there is simply nothing about ps3 (aside from the hardware) that supports the claims of the fanboys, and i'm sick and tired of these non-stop articles on n4g praising ps3 and it's games like i'm the one living in an alternate reality. it's night and day difference in terms of software support is completely in favor of the 360. so what if once every 3 months the ps3 outsells the 360 in hardware. when it comes to software, the 360 is out-n-out better. 3rd part or 1st party. the games sell better, the community plays the games more, there's better competition, and people just seem to have more fun. and i can safely say this from the perspective a person who has always owned all systems and has never been in favor of any corporation.

these articles need to go away. who cares anymore.

sorry this was long, but i'm sick to death of the fanboys. they offer nothing and troll everything. you can't get a word in edgewise without some idiot telling you you don't own the system or don't have the game. then when you say, feel free to add me to your friends list and compare achievements/trophies, they refuse. it's so played out. gaming isn't even gaming anymore, it's religion. and just like with real religion, i'm finding more and more that i just wanna be an atheist.

Ravage273273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy UC2, but i'm pretty sure the rest of us 1 million++ gamers enjoyed it tremendously and yes, i think it safe to say it is an obvious choice for GoTY.

You are NOT the only one who have played both UC and gears, and just coz you prefer gears DOESN'T mean it's a 'better' game. To me, gears is the one that is way overrated, craptastic story with cheesy characters that no one cares about and gameplay that DOES nothing original(you can say that for UC2 too,but as a overall package,UC2 sh*ts all over gears).

As for your view of PS3 exclusives- 'they aren't good games, they are over hyped upcoming games....until they launch.' , whatever man, everyone has different taste when it comes to games.

Honestly, I don't think i'll ever understand people like you(UC a gears-ripoff? And to think that gears is original??). You claim that 360 has better games, so why don't you list some of them coz i haven't played any that can be classified as 'incredible'. And unlike you, the sales of a game does NOT affect my enjoyment the slightest.

Oh and if you don't have any interest in HeavyRain, kindly f#$% off then, and leave those of us who enjoys *gasp* non-FPS games to continue our discussion.

Redempteur3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Well you proved all my points in your answer thank you ...

Having played or not uncharted does not give you a free pass to say whatever you want ... again it's your choice to hate it or not but the problem is not based on what you like or dislike but your blind statements ...

let's see a blind statement ...

-uncharted is a gears rip off

But let's continue

-gears is a Resident evil 4 rip off

And i could continue ...

YOu see all of it is false ... the three games are different .Failling to see that and saying nonsense just proves that you're not serious...
By the way ...all the credibility you might have comes from the fact you might have the game ? what does that have anything to do about it ? NOTHING.

As for heavy rain .. indigo prophecy used pad inputs to movements according to each situation ... was the game a QTE fest ? NO far from it ... there were actions scenes with QTEs of course but the game wasn't just that .. Heavy rain is supposed to be more of the same ... The devs said that many people said that too .. YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED THE GAME YET what do you know ? NOTHING ... I REPEAT NOTHING ... and this time you're bashing a game without even playing it ... should i treat your seriously ? No you're bashing HR , why not U2 ? Will i find Heavy rain in the list of your trophies too ???[sarcasm]

"every other existing game, and upcoming ps3 games. they aren't good games"

And you know that because .... because of what ??

Sorry if you're so sick of it , don't talk on the internet ...
It's my right to wait for the 3 rd game of dev who did a good job with stories before ..
It's my right to wait for mario galaxy 2 too ( since i enjoyed the first )
it's my right to enjoy and wait for games i might want untill i can play them ..

Hr hasn't even begun his hype... and yet you 're already so sad of it ... then don't come bashing it !! You expect people waiting for this game to act carefully with you when .. you're not only saying your opinion , you're making .....BLIND STATEMENTS ... again ...

DaTruth3272d ago

All that proves is you're a 360 fanboy who realized your system has no games and was forced to buy a PS3.

I expect to see a lot more of you guys!

Shepherd 2143272d ago

Says the guy who has never played it.

The game will have amazing graphics because there will be very limited freedom. You will be in small environments with minimum characters on screen at once, leaving the spare resources to be used for textures and lighting. Draw distances and processing will not be large matters for development of this type of game.

Seems like it will be great though.

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swiftshot933273d ago

I forgot that this game was supposed to be multiplatform.

RememberThe3573273d ago

Where you being sarcastic? Because this game was created when Sony told QD they wanted them to make a game because of the tech demo for Sony a while back. At least that's how I remember it.

bigrudowsky3273d ago

Nah man it was suppose to be multiplatform.. i remember seeing it in a game informer and i think gamepro as multiplat maybe it was a misprint but it was publicized as that for a short bit a few years back.

RememberThe3573273d ago

According to Wikipedia it was for the PC first.

BubbleSniper3273d ago

xbox just best platform for fail

hardware fail

beta fail

exclusive fail

sweaty ceo fail

why fail when you can succeed with PS3

gimp in

xRazieLx3273d ago

PS3 "by far the best platform

agree :)