Modern Warfare Wii gets new name and box art

Examiner: The Nintendo Wii port for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is getting a minor name change in addition to a slightly modified box art.

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Smacktard3278d ago

"Reflex edition"? Goddamn, I didn't think that it was possible for them to make this port any stupider. Congrats on the success, Activision. I hope nobody buys this game.

Seferoth753278d ago

Me too. Sadly I still do not think they will get it. Guitar Hero sales good on Wii because it ships on the same date as the other games and offers everything the other versions do. This is a very late port and regardless of how good it was 2 years ago. every Wii owner should pass.

I'm not even buying MW2 for the PC now because of this and other reasons. Activision seems to be going downhill very fast.

Kisama3278d ago

Wow, really? You are throwing a fit over a name change? How old are you, 9?

XiaoSet3278d ago


"Stupider" is not a word. Now who is stupid?

Smacktard3278d ago

We're not throwing a fit over a name change. We're throwing a fit over the fact that we're getting a down-grade port of an old game the same time its sequel is coming out, when we should be getting the sequel instead. It's a plain disservice to Wii owners, and yet I remember when Activision was talking about this port, they were acting like Wii owners owed them a "thank you."

@ Seferoth: I don't know why you got so many disagrees. You're making perfect sense.

@ XiaoSet: Uh... you're wrong. Don't believe everything you read. Problem with common sense knowledge is that it isn't so common.
Stupider is a word.
Sources: http://dictionary.reference...

The "stupider isn't a word" thing is a myth that's often spread around. You must feel pretty stupid for believing this when you heard it without doing any research on it, huh?

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Gandalf3278d ago

Should've called it Modern WiiFair

HolyOrangeCows3278d ago would have sold more than all of the currently sold games COMBINED.

(Every game with the word "Wii" in it sells a billion copies)

cheapndirty3278d ago

It looks like a fun game. I am betting this will be the game that uses the wii mote as a gun the best.

Of course, I will wait for the review and as longs as it reviews decent I will try it. I am trying to get my other 360/ps3 friends to expand their horizons and try a different style of gaming.

I like to mix up my gaming.

NotoriousWarrior3278d ago

if they want to sell more copies then they should make it look like its MW2 level game by changing the cover to desert style like MW2. that will fool people.

its all business anything to get more sales and profit.

Boom3278d ago

So instead of providing newer screen shots and game play videos the latest announcement is a name change.


ChickeyCantor3278d ago

REFLEX would have been better, the edition seems would confuse some consumers that there is also a different version out there.

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The story is too old to be commented.