Halloween: These game will make you piss your pants, Top 5 most terrifying games

Colton West of GamesThist writes: To celebrate Halloween this year, I figured I would do a quick article on what I believe to be the top 5 scariest games
to ever grace our PC monitors and television screens. These are the games that tap into your fear complex and leave
your senses shattered. Playing them alone is a risk that you can only decide to take on your own. I wanted to make this
list unique among other lists so I only included games that actually scared me but trust me.. If they terrified me, they will
definitely terrify you..

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3277d ago
Miraak82 3277d ago

ohhh ...No Demons Souls ... Fail .. this pure black tendency halloween event has me shakin in my gloom armor, ,,, scirvir the black phantom has kill my 7 times now, 8th time is a charm ....scared!!!!...gulp

Johnny Rotten3277d ago

Fatal Frame is pure genius!

kaveti66163277d ago

Resident Evil scares me a lot. Just the cover art of the game scares me. Dead Space is one of those cheap thrill horror games but the environment is well done so I respect that.

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