Top 10 Horror Games that Should Be Remade in HD

From the feature top-10 list:

""All Hallows Eve" (aka the day of the dead) is today, upfront I should let everyone know that this is probably one of my favorite holidays out of the entire year. Not just because of the candy or the fact that girls dress up in ridiculously scandalous costumes, but because it is the one month out of the entire year where we all, especially gamers, want to be scared out of their minds. Sweaty palms, adrenaline pumping through our veins on the way to a pounding heart slamming against our rib cage as we sit in a dark room with a game paused debating whether or not we should go on or just save, turn all the lights on and call it quits. While there are some exceptional titles out on the 360 for people who want to feel that shudder of fear, I decided to spin some of my beloved nostalgia into the mix. So I went back through my old collection and decided what titles, if it were up to me, would be remade and mastered. I hope you enjoy the list ghosts and ghouls."

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Valkyrie833276d ago

Great list, love Halloween!